Why you should Boost your conversion Rate?

Why you should Boost your conversion Rate?

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What is Conversion Rate?

Every website owner should know about conversion rate. At its most basic, conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to your site that go on to make a purchase. You may also be, like most other website owners, looking to increase the number of visitors. Conversion rate is a more accurate measure of site effectiveness.

Tips to increase conversion rate?

Use the following strategies to improve your site’s conversion rate.

conversion Rate

1. Conduct A/B Testing

A/B testing is a method that helps increase your site’s conversion rate. It will involve testing different site factors to ensure optimal visitor conversion. Some of these main factors that need to be tested are as following:

  • Headlines – Test different headlines to ensure that the final choice is convincing and creates a strong impact, and promotes what you are offering.
  • Offer – Test and optimize the offer. A/B testing will help you improve and optimize the description and layout of the offer.
  • Page Navigation & Layout – Test the navigation and layout to ensure optimal user experience.
  • Call to Action Buttons – Optimize the size and color of the call to action buttons and words.
  • Media – Test different media such as video which you may be using to communicate your offer.

2. Create an Effective Sales Funnel


Don’t ask your visitors for sale too early in the process. This is one of the common reasons that affects your conversion rate. People come for different reasons including seeking information. So it is recommended to create a sales funnel where you move your visitors from one phase to another based on their actions.

3. Build Trust

Use a combination of strategies to build your visitors trust. People are more likely to buy from a brand they trust. So how can you build trust?

  • Allow Visitors to Verify the Information on your Website – You can provide 3rd party support to support the information on your site. This can include information like:
    • Testimonials
    • Citations
    • Articles from popular publications
    • Supporting key information with sources
  • Show your Physical Address – People are more likely to trust you if they know that you have a real physical address. You can even post images of your business office.
  • Highlight your Team’s Expertise – Highlight the credentials of all the expert team members. Mention your business’ affiliations with associations and chamber of commerce. Including photos and profiles of your team leaders will further help boost trust.
  • Design a Professional Site – People can easily and quickly assess your business by looking at your site. Create a professional site that stands for what you are offering.

4. Simplify the Buying Process

Create a site and system that makes it extremely easy to do business with you. Make it simple for your visitors to buy from you. One way to achieve this is to minimize the number of clicks required for completing a buy process.

Increase Your Conversion Rate with Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful tools available today to help boost your conversion rate. The following social media strategies can further help enhance your conversions:

  1. Social Login – Use simple and single-click social logins to improve signups on your site. In fact, this method can be used to allow your visitors to sign up or login into your apps and services as well. This will help in minimizing the steps involved in the purchase process.
  2. Social Checkout – Using social checkout to minimize the rate of shopping cart abandonment. You can also use social login in the back end of conversions when your buyers are about to checkout. This helps in simplifying the buying process.
  3. Use Social Proof – This refers to providing proof on social media to ease your worrying customers. The factors involved can include reviews, word of mouth promotion, side conversations, and regular social media updates.

Benefits of doing conversion rate optimization

There are many benefits of optimizing your site’s conversion rate. The most important ones are as following:

  • Generating the Right Type of Customers – Conversion rate optimization focuses not just on converting anyone visiting your site. It’s about converting those who are interested in what you have to offer. Those people also go out and tell others about your great offers and site.
  • Lowering customer Acquisition Costs – When you increase your conversion rate, it means you are lowering your cost per acquisition.
  • Maximizing Profits – Your profitability is directly related to your conversion rate (more than to your number of visitors). Improving conversion rate doesn’t cost you big, so most of the profits directly add to your bottom line.


Conversion rate is one of the most important factors in the success of your site. Your focus shouldn’t just be on increasing the number of visitors to your site. Interestingly, the strategies involved in improving your conversion rate aren’t too costly. So eventually the profits will almost directly contribute to your business’ bottom-line.

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