A Whole New Digital Experience

A Whole New Digital Experience

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Exciting companies online offer a vision to be at the centre of your digital world.  They can help you to work and play online as well as:-

  • To connect everyone and everything
  • To connect the largest cities to the smallest villages

Benefit from a new digital experience with a wide range of services across TV, home phone, mobile and fibre broadband.  Don’t miss out on being a part of a brighter, modern and more dynamic future.

Connecting you with the things that matter

When it comes to connection, what makes you happy?  Is it unlimited internet access and free EU roaming?  How about live premier league matches and no home phone bills?  Whatever it is, check out a bundle recommended guide for:-

  • Broadband
  • TV
  • Mobile
  • Home phones

Reputable companies like Eir offer this and so much more.  Regarding the cost, check out Eir’s transparent pricing structure to see just what a good deal you will be getting.

Why choose fibre broadband?

You may be wondering why it’s a good idea to choose fibre broadband from reliable providers.  Here are 8 good reasons why:-

  1. Lightning fast broadband speeds of up to 1000Mb
  2. Best online prices – benefit from the best prices online, guaranteed
  3. Access to Studyhub – enjoy free access to over 400 hours of video and audio tutorials
  4. A service you can rely on – specialists provide and deliver a great service to more than 1.3 million customers
  5. Parental controls – keep your whole family safe with easy-to-use online parental controls
  6. Enjoy the very best of sport and sports channels
  7. Free antivirus – experience complete peace of mind with a free antivirus package when you browse online
  8. 14 day cooling off period – online purchases of fibre broadband can be returned within 14 days for any reason


So there we have it, an eight point quick guide as to why you should choose fibre broadband.

Love social media

Millions of internet users around the world love social media.  For free access to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram click on great value for money mobile plans.  If you need some help finding the best social media mobile plan around, chat to a friendly sales agent online.  There are other ways to get in touch regarding:-

  1. Joining or upgrading
  2. Technical help
  3. How to pay for an affordable mobile plan
  4. Moving house
  5. Incoming international call charges

Don’t worry, there’s also lots of interesting information online about:-

  • Broadband – Wifi setup, boosting your speed and fibre installation
  • Phone – phone services, upgrade of services, troubleshooting or logging a fault
  • Mobile phone – handset help, webtext, using data and mobile transparent pricing structure

Worried about scam phone calls and annoying e-mail campaigns?  Not a problem for experienced communication service providers.  Professionals work tirelessly to help raise awareness of these scams so that consumers can avoid becoming victims of fraud.

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