Which Type of Backlinks Can Harm Your Website SEO

Which Type of Backlinks Can Harm Your Website SEO

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Do you know that which type of the backlinks can come across as harmful for your website SEO? If you think that backlinks never give your search engine rankings with any influence then you are absolutely wrong!  In the past getting the top ranking in the Google was considered to be as much simple just as giving any comment on the blogs. But now the concept is complete changed! There are many steps that should be taken to give your website with the space on Goggle top front page. Now there are certain backlinks that are reducing the visibility of your website on the search engine! Do you want to know about those backlinks?

List of Different Type of Backlinks That Harm Your Website SEO:

  1. SEO-Fail:

There are many companies that are engaged in buying the links on top of the webpages. In this way they get the chance to reach more number of people. But now search engines are in the requirement of webmasters to label paid links with the coverage of the no-follow tag.

  1. Non-Relevant Links:

On the next we have the non-relevant links! All the webmasters should even avoid getting hold over the irrelevant links to their websites. More you will going to get the irrelevant links the more its value will be increased. But this will going to slow down the power of your website. So the best way would be avoiding them!


  1. Broken and Dead Links:

If you face some dead links in your website then there is nothing to worry about. Less broken links will not be giving any harm. But if it is losing large percentage of broken links then it can come across to be quite alot harmful for your search engines. So check broken links for your website on regular basis. Here we would like to mention for the readers that both external and internal links can reduce search engine rankings as they broke up.

  1. Link Networks:

In the next of our list we have Link Networks! Since the last few years the world of internet has come across with greater sum of increase in link networks. A link network can be defined as any sort of network of web properties that are used in support of sole purpose of building backlinks. But now as its harm is getting increased therefore search engine has taken strict action against the largest link networks.

  1. Low-Quality Directory Links: On the last we will going to talk about Low quality directory links! There are some services that hence offer you to submit away the website with the variety of low-quality web directories. But you are not aware that these low quality links can harm your search engine.

So here we have covered up the article with the complete list of the backlinks that can harm your website SEO! If you want your website to raise up at the top page of Google Search Engine then make sure that you keep your website thousand miles away from these backlinks.


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