When Uninstalling iTunes on Mac You Will Get Warnings

When Uninstalling iTunes on Mac You Will Get Warnings

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iTunes is probably the most important Apple application ever released and it is installed on millions of PCs and Macs all around the world. It is no longer needed for the use of iOS devices, but it is still believed by many to be an important portal for purchasing, managing and enjoying digital media. But there are other users who just do not like iTunes and would prefer to use other software such as:

  • VLC
  • Vox
  • Fidelia

For those users uninstalling iTunes with Windows is easy, but it is somewhat trickier for anyone using OS X. But don’t give up as there are several rather simple workarounds.

iTunes preinstalled

iTunes isalready installed as part of OS X in new Mac devices, and is considered to be “necessary” software needed by the Mac operating system. If you want to removeonly drag the iTunes application file to the Trash icon, the system will warn to not delete it. This warning is a bit over exaggerated, as iTunes is not required for the basic operating of OS X. It might be needed to play media files occasionally but QuickTime is able to handle any playing when needed.

Follow these instructions

In order to ignore OS X’s warning and then to uninstall iTunes follow these instruction:

  • Go to application folder
  • Find iTunes application (/Applications/iTunes.app)
  • Right click or control click on iTunes
  • Select GET INFO
  • Locate then click on padlock icon on bottom right side of window
  • Enter admin password
  • Expand Sharing & Permissions
  • Change privileges from ‘everyone’ to ‘Read & Write’
  • This givescomplete control of iTunes app
  • Override the operating system warning and delete it
  • Close the Get Info window
  • Again drag the iTunes application to the Trash
  • There will be no warning and file is trashed

iTunes is no longer on your Mac. Install the media software you want. Or you can now re-install a clean copy of iTunes. This is the bestway to uninstall iTunes on Mac .

If this does not work, search with your search engine for other methods as there are many that are in articles others have written.

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