What’s This New Trend of .IO Games all about?

What’s This New Trend of .IO Games all about?

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If you’re reading this article then you’re probably wondering what an .IO game actually is, you may have just played one and thought “what does .IO mean?”. Whatever the reason that might have had you intrigued, this article attempts to tell you all about .IO, its meaning and the rise of .IO games. Let’s begin, shall we?

When something becomes popular it can often start a massive trend. Take for example, Angry Birds, which became a huge success and inspired many game developers to provide something similar with a twist. Yes, the market can then become rather saturated within that specific area. But, importantly, trend setters are the real winners, the copiers not so..


Agar.io is said to be one of the first to begin this trend within the arcade gaming scene. However, you are probably wondering that on earth .io even means, right? Well, let me explain. It’s not that hard to grasp, after all. Every domain name comes with an extension, we all know about .com, although there seems to be an ever-growing number now available for people, businesses and developers to purchase.

Simply put, .io took interest from those interested in the arcade gaming industry because of the interpretation of input-output. The .io extension is a top-level country domain which was introduced back in 1997. Its actual intended use is for the British Indian Ocean Territory. Importantly, it’s become very popular for start-up companies alike. You might also like to note that the domain extension is administered by a British based company. Overall, 0.1% of websites currently on the internet use a .IO domain name, and the first to be registered was in 1998 and named levi.io.

So, that’s the real attraction here, there are many names still available, it’s easy to remember and quite catchy with the arcade gaming industry. As stated before, once a trend begins, it can actually become hard to stop. Of course, it’s still early days, but as more arcade games release such as, Diep.io and Slither.io, then we can only expect this to continue.

Because the internet is now at a level where arcade games are in high demand, you can only consider this to be a reason for the current growth of such a domain. This isn’t to say that other extensions might also become popular in the future, as they probably will. Surprisingly, there are a huge amount of extensions available, from .TV and .Name all the way to .Guide and .Info.

Some domains are very affordable to register where as others have very expensive. .IO is probably considered to be mid-range when it comes to cost.

To conclude, .IO is all the rage right now with some major arcade games taking the internet by storm. This has allowed game portals like Poki to only highlight and bring more attention to the new .IO bandwagon that certain game developers are starting to jump on.

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