What Is The Best Mobile App For Gmail?

What Is The Best Mobile App For Gmail?

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If you are looking for the best mobile app for Gmail, you should look for the one that is used by the largest number of Gmail users. Inbox by Gmail is by far the best Gmail email service for all the leading platforms. You can use it on your Android or iOS device or desktop. There are many features that give it the edge.

The following guide explores the best features of this Gmail app-

1. Ignore or Delete Large Batches

One of the best features of Inbox is that it allows you to ignore or delete large batches of emails. It can automatically scan and sort your emails and move any messages that seem to be important to the inbox. Other non-important emails are moved to any of the different categories like:

  • Finance
  • Purchases
  • Social
  • Updates
  • Forums
  • Promos
  • Low priority

You can then easily delete the unnecessary emails from these categories. Besides, your inbox doesn’t get filled with all the different less important emails.

Best Mobile App For Gmail

2. Response Reminder

Many times you keep emails in your inbox because you want to be reminded to send a reply. But Inbox allows you to ad a reminder to a message.

Once you have pinned a message, tap on the “remember to” field and type in why you should be reminded about that message.

One of the unique features to Inbox is that it may even suggest you a reminder after it have scanned the content of a message.

3. Snooze Messages

You can also ‘snooze’ messages that you don’t want to deal with immediately. So if you want to ignore that work related message on the weekend, just snooze it.

Once snoozed, the message will be moved to the snooze folder until the set time. So when you tap the ‘snooze’ option, it will ask you to choose a time. This is a ‘general’ time like:

  • Later today
  • Tomorrow morning
  • Next week

And a number of other options.

It is also possible to snooze a message until you reach your workplace.

4. Swipe and Delete

Swipe to delete is a very useful feature in Inbox. But you will have to enable it first. Before this feature came, you were marking your emails as ‘done’.

It can be enabled using the following steps:

  • Settings
  • “Action when done with messages” – choose “move to trash”

5. Signatures

Inbox also allows you to add your ‘signature’ to all outgoing emails. You can add your signature using the following steps:

  • Tap Settings
  • Signature
  • Toggle on and enter the text

6. Undo Send

This Inbox feature allows you to undo a sent email. The moment you send an email, a banner will appear that allows undo sending. It is similar to the feature offered on the desktop version of Gmail.

There are many more features that make Inbox the best mobile app for Gmail. It can be used on all the leading platforms available today.

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