What is Hybrid Hosting

What is Hybrid Hosting

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Hybrid hosting is a new phenomenon in web hosting sphere. This is a combination of several servers connected by one dedicated network arranged so that each server runs in standalone mode, e.g. Independently from the network it belongs to. All the best features of collocation hosting, cloud technologies, and dedicated servers is combined in a private dedicated network, which adds to the computing power and data security, makes resources 100% available and improves data management. This is the best option for those who require highly secure, reliable and available hosting. But before ordering it, you need t know several things about it.

What makes hybrid hosting so special?

The first thing that differentiates hybrid hosting from all the other types is much wider functionality in comparison with the rest solutions. There are lots of cases when company’s issues can be solved with hybrid hosting only, while traditional hosting is not efficient or strong enough for that.

For instance, a lot of corporations deal with personal confidential data of thousands, sometimes millions of users. It must be collected, stored and managed so that to avoid info leaking and transfer to the third parties. Sometimes, such cases as bandwidth spikes, computing, and storage cannot be dealt with conventional hosting methods. Recently, these operations could have been handled with the help of networks comprising self-managed data centers around the world or data package hosts only, and that restricted functionality and solutions available.


But now, when hybrid hosting option appeared, users got the possibility to connect, build and alter all specific solutions, having their collocated or dedicated servers connected to cloud environment and providing users with high reliability and affordability.

Who will find this solution useful? It will be great for constantly developing businesses and information technologies, when changes in infrastructure are required always. Dramatic changes usually slow down company development, meaning reduction of productivity and pauses in business. But hybrid solutions are so flexible that they allow performing simple data migration process quite quickly and reliably.

What it looks like?

Hybrid hosting in its in fine feather may be observed when a company launches a new project. To decide which hosting type would be perfect for implementation, both cloud and dedicated servers are tested, and you can clearly see what the difference between them is.

Besides, development and testing issues are more easily solved with hybrid hosting. It would be a real way out during seasonal traffic spikes, because the company may scale its storage and CPU up and down without problems, customizing server features and payments correspondingly. And note that all that can be done just in a click of a button. A couple of seconds – and your server’s configuration is ready, and you are provided with the exact required level of additional computing resources.

The combination of cloud, collocation, and a dedicated server environment makes data storage and system communication quite easy. The companies that dread considerable changes in infrastructure will appreciate this kind of service a lot, because it simplifies the process, duplicating and sending the system to a secondary data center to ensure security of critical programs.

So if you are unsure which type of traditional hosting (dedicated host, VPS and cloud hosting) is the most suitable for you, try the best of each, combined in the Hybrid hosting. It has a lot of advantages: incredible speed, scalability, security and flexibility. This type of hosting becomes more and more widespread, and soon will be a versatile, highly popular solution around the world.

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