What is a LIMS?

What is a LIMS?

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The modern science and research projects generate a remarkable amount of data almost every day. Coping with such heaps of data and sample outputs becomes an ardent task. Plus in this continuously changing technologies put an impact over the technology labs to streamline their operations as well as expenses, according to the present innovation, data, reports and results.


The Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is software that allows the user to efficiently manage the data and samples of the laboratory, thus making the lab process smooth and faster. By applying LIMS the entire lab gets expedited in various areas such as management of samples and data, integration of the instruments used, the automation of workflows and so forth.

The labs, which use Laboratory Information Management System basically get an enhanced level of professionalism as well as capacity to fulfill all the customer demands by two ways:

1)    Laboratory Information Management System helps the laboratories to take precise results faster which are more trustworthy.

2)    The data sequencing, tracking, storing and accessing gets easier and timely so that the laboratory gets efficient operation wise.

A commercial Laboratory Information Management System can bring lab operations on track, can enhance the quality of research, and increase the level competence of the main services of the lab.

How to identify a good commercial Laboratory Information Management System product?

There are certain features one must look into a Laboratory Information Management System product before buying to make sure that you are buying the right product.

  • It will give an end to end information management of various data, test reports, samples and so forth.
  • It will  consider different users having a different role based interfaces to have an optimized lab ongoing.
  • The configuration and customization of the laboratory staff happens very smoothly with it.
  • It will give unique and accurate reports, plus will  create custom reports
  • It enables the lab to work faster and efficiently on valid instrumentation

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