What Do People Search For On the Internet

What Do People Search For On the Internet

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Would you want the world to see your computer or mobile search history? Likely not, why? Because the vast majority of us look for some pretty embarrassing things! Whether you’re looking up the latest hot celebrity or trying to figure out what that weird thing is on your toe, the odds are that you don’t really want people to know about it.

You’re likely not alone. As it turns out, there are vast numbers of weird, strange and embarrassing searches going on at any given time. Some are hilarious. Some are mind boggling. For example, rumor has it that the most commonly searched word on Bing is “Google”!

Search histories have been used in criminal investigations and have led to convictions. They’ve caused relationships to end. They’ve also brought on massive cases of humiliation. However, at the same time, an online and mobile search history can tell a fascinating story. That said, it’s often a lengthy one, so be sure you have your phone travel charger ready before you delve into one.


Recently, over a decade of Google search data was analyzed and the most frequently queried terms were determined per state. That said, as fun as it was to see the most commonly searched terms, it was also very entertaining to look at the most common embarrassing searches!

After all, it likely didn’t come as a matter of state pride that Washington was most likely to search for the term “sandals and socks”, while Arizona wanted to know “is Obama American.” Kentucky did a lot of searches for “scabies” while Illinois just wasn’t sure “is WWE fake?” Utah was most likely to search for “Bronies,” while Rhode Island was apparently obsessed with “average penis size?”

Do these commonly queried embarrassing search terms actually say something about the people residing within those states? It’s hard to tell. That said, it looks as though geographical locations look for things on Google that are just as embarrassing as individual internet and mobile gadget users. As a whole, it seems like people look up everything from the common to the obscure. Still, it might be a good idea for states to think about clearing their search histories now and again, too!

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