Virtual Browsers –Solution for Better Web

Virtual Browsers –Solution for Better Web

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Internet surfing is a daily dose to everyone out there – either to gain knowledge,to do business,to play games, or any other activity. Virtual browsers, even though not being a part ofa computer’s operating system, havebecome a need of many web users. One can call them as web proxy, designed and developed to bypass restrictions without revealing your identity or location. Virtual browsers can also be used for cross-browser testing, mobile testing and accessing blocked resources. Let’s take a look at all use cases.

Virtual Browsers as Web Proxies for Anonymous Web Surfing

There are a variety of web browsers available to fulfil yourweb browsing needs. These include Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, Safari, and Opera. All browsers provide two modes of operation – open browsing and private browsing (incognito browsing). Both browsing modes are different. In incognito browsing mode your previous history, bookmarks and passwords will not get saved. While in open mode all your personal settings, history and other data will be shown in the next sessions, day, week or even a year later.

This is bad news.

If you forget to use private browsing for discreet, anonymous and safe browsing then all your web activities can be exposed. This is where virtual browsers by Browserling get useful. Browserling provides out-of-box browser solutions for your web sessions and enhances your web experience. One of their solutions is a disposable virtual browser that can be used online without any additional installation steps. Just go to Browserling’s website and get a browser in a few seconds. The virtual browser leaves no trace of your browsing history and you’re completely anonymous.

Virtual Browsers for Cross-browser Testing

Virtual browsers are also heavily required by web developers and programmers for various web testing purposes. All cross-browser testing can be done straight with the help of these browsers producing quicktest results. Every browser is different and Browserling, again, thinks out-of-box and provides a great service to quickly test your website in Internet Explorer and other browsers. There are certain scenarios when your web application will work in one browser but not in other and you’ll definitely need an older version of a specific browser to test yourweb app. Browsering’s virtual browsers will help in this scenario.

Virtual Browsers for Mobile Web Testing

If you are a mobile user then you know that websites look different on your mobile and your desktop computer. Virtual browsers become very useful when it comes to mobile testing. Browserling, once again, has a genius solution and provides Android browser in virtual form for quick mobile web testing. iOS and Windows Mobile browsers are coming soon.

Virtual Browsers for Bypassing Blocked Resources

Virtual browsers are most loved by students and working class people. At schools and work access to various popular websites usually has been either blocked or prohibited. Browserling comes to rescue by providing a virtual browser for private browsing. Their browsers run in private cloud that’s outside of your school or work. This way you bypass all restrictions and can enjoy your favourite websites, web apps and online games. Browserling has been called the “mad science company” as they truly know how to think outside of the box with their products and top notch services.

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