Video Game Tester Jobs

Video Game Tester Jobs

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Playing video games as your primary source of income is the dream of every child who’s held a controller while immersed in their favorite game. Little is it known that this can become the reality for many people who play video games online. Professionals combine the experience of real world and online techniques in order to reach their income goals. There are many tools available online to accomplish these means, though none of them are as comprehensive as VGPMB.

How to find video game jobs?

Video Games Pay My Bills is one of the few sites online dedicated to the complete instruction for creating a home-based income with online gaming. These techniques are often scattered through the internet and take too much time to research separately, so they have been aggregated and compiled into a thorough course outlining a successful online gaming empire. With the tools available on this website, you’ll be able to create an entire career from video games and playing them.


What are my options?

One of the most useful tools available on the website is the Video Game Job Board, this powerful search engine collects all of the open video game positions within a certain state. Just search where you live and find out if there are any opportunities available for you. These positions are not simply restricted to video game testers, but includes animators, programmers, and other related gaming positions.

What’s right for me?

Some of these positions will require previous experience or education not available within our site. These positions are best left to those that have completed these prerequisites before hand. If you happen to be skilled in one of the areas mentioned within a listing, feel free to apply. These positions are often filled quickly so apply to those that most related to your skills.

VGPMB is the only source for the most complete gaming guides available online. These guides and video game resources are exactly what amatuer gamers need to take their skills to the next level. If you’ve ever considered online gaming as a source of income, we provide everything you need to do so.

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