Vice City Review

Vice City Review

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I played Grand Theft Auto (GTA)3 and had plenty of fun, but I had the feeling that there was something missing. Now with GTA Vice City that feeling gets lesser. But still the developers are missing some essential things. I will try to explain to you why I think that. Don’t understand me wrong, GTA Vice City is much better than GTA 3. There are more good things than bad things. I will try to explain what would be the ideal GTA Vice City for me.

The graphics are very good especially if you look at the size of the game (and it’s big, damn it’s big). You can see that Rockstar controls the programming language of the PS2 very well. You always can say that it could be done better, but when you use every inch of space you’ve got than you can’t make the people or anything else better (read – more beautiful). The graphics are realistic, cars look good, people look nice (I rather look at someone that stands in this week’s poll, hottest PS2 babe), motorcycles look incredible, and can put here many more things that I liked.

The gameplay is good, it isn’t hard to walk or drive around. But when you start running around than the camera loses you, that’s a minus. But you will learn to live with that. Boats and airplanes aren’t my specialties, it’s hard to drive boats, fly airplanes or helicopters. But driving a car is really easy, if you practice a little bit you can even do some cool moves with the handbrakes.

The story is very basic. You come out of jail you most do a job for Sonny Forelli, so he sends you to Vice City but you screw things up. So, you must work your ass up in gangster-land, with your ultimate goal to rule the city. So, you must do jobs (dirty jobs) for some high crime gangsters. After a while, when you have enough money, you can buy some businesses (to work and save) and houses (to save). Well good luck.

Sound are very good, the game contents really good dialogues. The music is great, they used some top of the bill artists like Michael Jackson (in the 80’s he was ok), Judas Priest and Blondie. So, no bad words about the sounds.

Gamerbolt has a really good article that is worth checking out if you have played through the variety of games, see it here; GTA characters, which looks at some of the best to feature in all games. Very interesting.

The changes: I can shoot at the tires of bikes and cars (and yeah, they go flat), you can shoot through car windows, you can enter buildings, you can fly helicopters and airplanes, you ride bikes (it is the best new feature), you can get clothes (like suits or clothes that gang-members wear), the graphics are a little bit better, you can buy buildings and last but not least the 80’s ROCK. There is no doubt that there are more changes but these are the ones that I think that are the important ones.

Things that could be done better (things that would made this game the ultimate): the buildings if you can enter them, you must also have some missions that are in buildings, the difficulty, the artificial intelligence and there are some little faults like when you slowly drive with your bike against the wall (like when you are turning around) you can drive up the wall so your bike stands horizontal and you can’t get up anymore so you lay on the floor.

Rest assured, this is one of the better GTA games to have released and one of my favourites. Maybe it’s the setting. I’m not sure. However, be sure to play this one and re-visit it, you will not regret it!

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