Using Social to Increase Visibility

Using Social to Increase Visibility

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Valuemags has been in the magazine subscription business for a while now and have notice a big difference on how they promote themselves then and today. With the increasing popularity and use of social media sites, it is imperative for all companies big or small, online or offline to have come kind of presence on the web.

The CEO of the Association of Magazine Media, Linda Thomas Brooks, has said that consumers no matter how old have deep and passionate relationships with magazine media. People who are interested in a certain magazine have high engagement with that title on the big social media sites. They even receive more social engagement when compared to other forms of media like television, newspapers and radio. That is why Valuemags sees it as a necessity to have a great knowledge on social media marketing.

With the use of hashtags companies can reach a larger crowd who are interested in the content of the post. It is important to know how to use them or else you won’t be getting the full benefits from them. First off, for those of you who don’t know what hashtags are, they are used with the # sign in order to classify content. It can even be a way to make your posts more entertaining and stimulating.

Hashtags can even be used for events and brands if an attendee takes a picture and posts it on social media, they can include a certain tag to let people know what’s happening there. Hashtags are supported on various different platforms, namely the largest social pages. Twitter is a great way to add them onto your tweets but there are still best practices. With the restriction to only 140 characters, do not overstuff your tweets with hashtags and use specific phrases. Valuemags knows that the use of hashtags across all these platforms is different since you can use a lot of them on a certain site but limit yourself on another. Instagram is the place where they are used the most and not using hashtags on there will limit your visibility on posts.

Be careful when using them on Facebook since the audience is more sensitive with their use. Since there are more people joining the site of a certain age and above, they are not likely to adopt it in their posts.  

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