Using Salesforce Software To Make Your Business More Efficient

Using Salesforce Software To Make Your Business More Efficient

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Salesforce Software helps you run a profitable business that grows and keeps finding ways of doing things better

When it comes to gaining efficiencies in the operation of your business there is only so much you can do without an outside perspective.  Having software applications that can track and organize your business’s data so you can make adjustments are priceless.  These are known as CRM apps and a leading creator is Salesforce.  Programs used to built from the ground up but now there are many ready to go Salesforce software apps that are waiting to work for your business.


The following is a list of must have apps for your business:

De-Duplication Software:  In order to get meaningful data from your other apps you must ensure that your input data is clean.  This means no duplications or other irrelevant entries that can skew your results.  Using a de-duplication app is the best way to accomplish this.

Motivational Software:  Keeping your teams motivated to perform can be a challenging task.  This task can be made easier by an integrated app that rings a bell whenever a sale is closed.  In this case, the app is called “Ring My Bell” and is offered through Salesforce App marketplace.

Document Generation: Manually creating excel or word documents is old fashioned.  Salesforce software can help you create the same data with the push of a button.  Use apps like Conga or Drawloop to get ahead faster.

Training Tools:  Whenever you add a new workflow process or in this case a software app; you need to train your workforce to use it.  Salesforce software includes a simple how to section that will guide new users through the learning process.

Email Integration:  An app like Cirrus Insight can be used to sync different emails into your Salesforce system, as well as tracking viable leads or contacts through your emails.  Features such as being able to see when someone opens your email message can make all the difference when gauging how well a certain campaign is working.

Electronic Signature Apps:  Electronic signatures take the hassle out of printing out a document, signing it and then having to fax it.  Just open the document, add your e-signature and your done.  All with the piece of mind of knowing your stamp of approval has landed.

All Salesforce software comes with free updates for the lifetime of the product so you are covered well into the future.  Choose Salesforce software for your business today and start finding efficiencies that will make you money.

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