Useful Apps for Managing the Refrigerators Efficiently

Useful Apps for Managing the Refrigerators Efficiently

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The advancement in technology has made the lives of people much easier. It has incorporated itself in every single part of our lives. The technology is used abundantly in the refrigeration industry as well. Now there are apps, which allow you to control catering freezers for commercial use with smart phones, laptops or tablets. These apps allow you to have an efficient way of storing food products. The food products can be kept fresh and their shelf life can be increased with the help of technology. The technology not just helps in keeping the food fresh; it also helps in saving money and reducing food wastage.

The efficient use of the refrigeration appliance can help in saving a lot of money. The refrigerators are among the highest consumers of electricity. If the electricity consumption of the refrigerators is kept under control then it can be very good for the business.

When you buy many food products, it is easy to forget about some of the items. This can lead to food wastage. If the products are not used before their shelf life ends then they will be spoiled and it will be wastage of money and storage space.

There are so many different apps, which can make it easy to manage your refrigerators. The apps will help in stocking the refrigerator properly. This will also reduce the food wastage. There are apps, which will show all the food products stored inside so you can remember to use them before they go bad.

Here are some of the apps that can help in managing your refrigerators:

Fridge Pal:

This free app is for the iPhone or the iPad. This is an app, which not only provides the list-making capabilities; it also helps in scanning the bar codes of the individual products. This makes stocking the refrigerator a very easy task. This app also makes shopping the products easier. It will not let you forget any important food item. The barcode scanner has the ability to notify you if you are running low on any certain ingredient. This app will allow you to remember to buy the required ingredient.

This app has several advantages. It helps in creating the shopping list. The shopping list can also be shared. This app is helpful in keeping up with the inventory so that you never run out of any ingredient. It notifies you if there is any item, which is going to expire. Assists in sorting the required items based on the aisle. It also helps in searching for the recipes. You can also plan meals with this app.


Creativity is an important factor in the food industry. Using all the food products present inside your refrigerator does require creativity. If it is hard to be creative with the food ingredients then you can take help from the Epicurious. This app is helpful planning meals. This apps gives the users the search function. The search function starts with the ingredients that are present inside the refrigerator. The app can build a recipe from the ingredients available to you. There are more than 30, 000 recipes in the database of Epicurious.

This app can be downloaded on a variety of devices like the tablets and smartphones. This app is a useful one. It gives you an access to the recipes based upon the ingredients that are available to you. It can also assist in making a shopping list. It provides clear and simple step by step for each recipe available.

Fresh Box:

The food wastage is not a good thing. There is a lot of food wasted all around the world because of lack of planning. This app provides you with a virtual refrigerator. It allows you to take a photo of all the individual ingredients present inside the refrigerator. You can add the name of the products along with the shelf life and the expiration date. This will be effective in reducing the food wastage. An alarm can be set to notify when the food product will expire. The food will be used before it expires.

It can assist in creating a shopping list and it is based on what ingredients are currently in the refrigerator. The best thing is the notification it gives when any ingredient is going to expire. Show the shelf life of all the ingredients present inside the upright fridges in UK. It also tells you how to properly store different products.

Fridge check:         

This app is also an excellent app. This app also suggests recipes and meals based on the current ingredients available in the refrigerator. There are three simple steps, which will help in using the app efficiently. The first thing that you need to do is to select the ingredients, which are currently available in the refrigerator. The next step is to choose the type of meal you want. The final step is to enter how much time you have to prepare the meal. Once all the steps are completed, the app will show all the recipes, which are suitable for the information that you entered. Through these apps you can create and share a shopping list. There is also an option called “Do Not Like “. Using this option will help in avoiding the ingredients that you do not want. You can browse the recipes and save the recipes to a profile.

Grocery Hero:

This is an app, which can provide full inventory of the refrigerator. It also provides creative and unique recipes. The recipes can be searched based upon the ingredients available to you. When you start using the app you have to enter all the items which you store in your fridge and the pantry. This is a time consuming activity but a useful one. There is a barcode scanner, which can help in speeding up the process of entering the ingredients. Once the ingredients are entered the app remembers them. It also notifies when the expiration date of the ingredient gets near. This app is useful in learning new recipes. It also assists in categorizing the food items based on the location of the storage

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