Why You Should Upgrade PrestaShop to the Latest Version

Why You Should Upgrade PrestaShop to the Latest Version

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PrestaShop is one of the most popular open-source platforms for e-commerce today. People love how flexible and reliable it is, making it the ideal way to sell products online. It’s also power packed with amazing features that make managing and running a business easier and less time consuming. But the great thing about PrestaShop is that it never stops to innovate.


Despite the numerous features it already has, e-commerce sites largely benefit from its regular updates. Every few months or so, developers release new versions that contain major and minor improvements and bug fixes. Creating your own site and hiring developers to improve your site costs a lot of cash but, for PrestaShop users, they get important updates for free!

Is Your E-Commerce Site Still Outdated?

Many people choose not to download updates since they’re satisfied with the current version. Sure it may still be working fine but failing to upgrade to the latest version has a lot of disadvantages; such as unfixed bugs, fewer features, module and theme incompatibility, etc.

So, is it really worth to upgrade your site to the latest version?

Benefits of Upgrading Your PrestaShop Site to the Latest Version

Imagine a team of developers working hard each day just to solve the platform’s current problems and innovate more features for business owners all over the world to use. Upgrades can’t be simply ignored and every update would definitely be worth your time and effort. We always upgrade our site as soon as the latest version is released, and so should you!

There are a couple of reasons why you should upgrade your site as soon as possible:


Probably the best benefit the latest version provides is a better security against online threats such as hackers, malware, viruses, keyloggers, etc. The internet is filled with these malicious threats, and a vulnerable platform may cause you to lose sales, customers, or even your whole site. The latest version will prevent new threats from ever attacking your site and affecting your business.


Developers work hard to efficiently code the whole platform, making major improvements in terms of speed. We all know how important site speed is and how it can affect your sales, SEO, and conversions; PrestaShop always helps its users speed up their websites by uploading new versions with speed boosting updates.


PrestaShop has a large community and since it’s open-source, a lot of modules and themes get developed each day. Having an outdated site will prevent your site from using the latest modules and themes that may add flexibility, efficiency, speed, and other benefits to your site. With an updated site, you can ensure that compatibility won’t be a problem!

Bug Fixes

Bugs can cause major problems for businesses, affecting user experience and more. If your site doesn’t work properly, you can expect potential sales to drop and potential customers to browse your competitor’s website instead. The latest updates provide bug fixes to make sure that your site works properly 24/7.

Improvements and Additional Features

New features keep making PrestaShop the king of all e-commerce platforms. The latest version contains additional features that help you manage your online business more efficiently and increase overall user experience. Your site keeps getting better each time you download the latest updates!

Improve Your Website for Free With the Latest Update

Your website needs to be constantly improved to boost your potential customer’s experience when browsing your site. Aside from a good user experience, you’ll also be safeguarding your e-commerce site from any threats while also keeping up with the intense competition online.

Upgrade PrestaShop Version Today!

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