How To Unlock iPhone 5 For Free

How To Unlock iPhone 5 For Free

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The best way to remove the network restrictions on your IPhone 5 is definitely to provide an unlock code that can fit the software lock on your IPhone 5 mobile phone device. Here you have the best way how to unlock iPhone 5 for free.

How To Unlock iPhone 5

Of course, you cannot guess this code because it is not a universal one like on the car radios, but it is unique for every separate piece of mobile phone equipment. The software lock code is created by the carriers and it has nothing to do with the handset itself. all I want to say is that when the mobile phone is in production, the final version of the mobile phone we buy in stores are never predicted to be locked, but at the request of the carriers and the Law for protecting the carriers rights the manufacturers install a special software which the carriers can activate if they wish. All carriers, or at least most of the carriers around the world never miss an opportunity to activate the SIM lock software on any phone that they sold on a contract-based mobile phone plan. If the user wants to pay fully for the device and up front the mobile phone device will be able to function well on pay-as-you-go SIM cards from all carriers. Paying for the phone fully gives you the right to use the device because you don’t owe anything to the network carriers, but if you decide that you want to pay for it in a dozen of smaller installments then the contract is ready for you and so is the SIM card lock.


So, if your IPhone 5 device is locked then you must have signed a contract with the local carrier or you bought it from a person who did this before they sold the ZTE Blade gadget to you.

However, you don’t have to wait for the contract t is over now before you can do something about the SIM lock problem. You can discover a quick-fix if only you read this article. Now you know how to unlock iPhone 5 for free.

Unlocking the IPhone 5

If you no longer can put up with the network restrictions that your carrier is setting up for you there is only one best thing you can do about it. Many solutions have been considered and tried out, but the best one you can definitely find on the best free website. From there you can download the Unlock iPhone 5 Code Generator software application tool which will generate the network lock code for your IPhone 5 device. You must be aware that this tool does not just magically generate the network lock codes but it extracts them from the databases of the carriers from all around the world. there are over 700 different carriers on the planet ant the ZTE Blade code generator can enter all of them and get any network unlock code for any IPhone 5 model. There is a small part predicted in this scenario for you as well. Your contribution in this entire process will be to provide the correct IMEI number of your IPhone 5. The easiest way you can get to it is to dial *#60#, or you can just look for it on your IPhone 5’s battery/ battery slot. If you have the 15-digit IMEI code you are ready to move on to the next stage of the operation, which is reading the SIM unlocking rules and following them.

How To Unlock iPhone 5 For Free

  1. Download the Unlock iPhone 5 Code Generator from the best free website. You can open this webpage from whichever browser you wish from any computer you have at your disposal.
  2. Install and open the tool.
  3. Enter the IMEI code you previously found of your IPhone 5 and enter it in the box provided for it.
  4. Provide a valid email address whose login credentials you know. This is important because the unlock code will be sent to you on the email address which you will provide in this step of the SIM unlock procedure.
  5. Click “unlock” and find the code in your email’s inbox folder.
  6. Insert a SIM card that under normal circumstances will be rejected by your IPhone 5 handset. The same SIM card will be rejected now too, but this time the difference is that you have the unlock code the IPhone 5 is requiring.
  7. Enter the network/ SIM unlock code and click “submit”/ “ok”.
  8. The unlock procedure is successfully finished.

This type of SIM unlocking is known as remote SIM unlock procedure because you don’t have to do the network unlock the standard way going into unlocking services or in specialized stores. Everything can be and will be done from your home or office, or from wherever there is a decent interne connection.

Unlock your network restricted and limited IPhone 5 in ten minutes and use your mobile phone device on any SIM card you wish.

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