How to unlock icloud activation lock from my iPhone 5c

How to unlock icloud activation lock from my iPhone 5c

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In every iOS device, there is an app called activation lock and this can prevent from other people using your gadget. Activation lock is found in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The lock will enable automatic when your phone is lost. Once icloud activation gets locked, Apple ID and password would be required for anyone to unlock the device. This feature will keep your device secure and this could improve the chance of recovering the device. When you enable find my phone on your device, your Apple ID will be securely stored on the server and would remain linked to your device. A password will be required to use your device again. Before you sell your device to someone, you must turn off , find my phone, so that other person can use your device normally.


Method to unlock icloud activation lock

If you have brought iPhone 5c from someone and if the icloud activation is locked, you may get confused and worried how to unlock the icloud activation lock. The lock removal services will not work to unlock icloud lock, if the device is reported stolen or lost. It remains a protection technique to make sure the stolen device is not in use. A previously locked device will not be able to be used with any SIM card. You will be required to visit the official website to unlock the icloud lock. You must find out the IMEI number for your device and once the number is located, you will be required to enter Apple ID and password. If you forget the password, you may select delete the account and turn off, find my phone. After this process, the activation lock should be deleted and your iPhone will not be locked to Apple ID. You may use services that provide access to Apple’s icloud database

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