Understanding the Different Types of Website Hosting

Understanding the Different Types of Website Hosting

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There are reasons why you might choose between one type of website hosting company over another. To understand these reason, you need to know the different types of hosting companies, and what they have to offer.  The choice of which hosting company to go with is more important than deciding what PHP editor you are going to use to make your website. However, there are far too many different types of web hosting options to choose from, making web hosting one of the most overwhelming choices a new online business owner has to make.

Here, the primary web hosting options are outlined so that you have enough information to make a choice.

  1. Free Web Hosting

Just as the name suggests, free web hosting is completely free in that you do not have to pay even a single cent. However, you pay in other ways. With free hosting, the hosting company recovers the cost of hosting by including advertisements automatically to your web pages. Therefore, visitors get pop-ups, frames and scripts whenever they visit your website.

Additionally, free hosting comes with some form of limitation, compared to paid hosting. For instance, you get reduced bandwidth, disk space or access to certain software such as blogging software.

  1. Standard Web Hosting

This is the most common, and popular, common form of paid web hosting. In standard hosting, you pay for the specific functionalities you want. Therefore, you pay for the server space and bandwidth you require. In return, the hosting provider gives you access to high-speed servers, hosting software and other amenities you may need. Most standard hosting providers use a shared server architecture where they host multiple websites on the same website. Typically, a there are 10 to 12 websites on the same shared server. They offer between 5GB to 100GB of hard disk space.

Most providers allow you to use your own domain name, although they may let you use their own domain name extension. There are several things you want to look for when selecting a standard hosting plan:

  • A web based console and other connections: they allow you to connect to your web server through telnet, SSH and other connection options.
  • Operating System: The operating system running on your server may affect the functionality of your website. For instance if you have CGI scripts developed under a Linux environment, then you should look for a shared hoisting plan that runs Linux servers.

Standard hosting is good for businesses as well as personal websites such as blogs.

  1. Dedicated and Virtual Hosting

Through a dedicated server, you get your own dedicated server. Therefore, your website gets an exclusive server where you as the website’s owner, you get root access to the server. Technically speaking, unless you go with a dedicated connection, also known as colocation, your website is almost always served through a shared server. However, website hosting providers offer virtual server hosting uk as a form of dedicated hosting. In such circumstances, you get a server machine that serves one or two other websites.

Dedicated and virtual hosting offer an excellent option if you require more hard disk space or more control over a website. The biggest advantage of this kind of hosting is that when you are on a machine that has no other website you know the status of the machine. Therefore, with a dedicated server, chances of getting hacked are minimized.

These are the most common forms of hoisting you can start with. The options are great for first time website owners and even veteran website owners.


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