Understand The Various Reasons Of Hard Drive Failure

Understand The Various Reasons Of Hard Drive Failure

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There are many possible reasons why a hard disk failure may occur. You must regularly check your hardware for any kind of threats and take necessary steps to repair it. Hard disk failure may damage your important data that you have on it. In addition, if you ignore saving it somewhere else, you may lose that data forever. Here, are some reasons why a hard disk fails.

The Manufacturer Faults

In a few days, after you buy a new hard disk, it would possibly stop working and eventually fail. This problem occurs because the product you purchased is not well tested. You can contact the manufacturer and tell them about the problem and get your damaged hard disk replaced with a new one.


There are many software problems that can damage your hard disk. When your fan is moving very slowly or has stopped moving the disk may heat up. When you start to see the symptoms like your system heating up or hear clicking noises from the hardware then it is signal that your hard disk needs to be checked immediately. You must ensure that the system’s fan is working well and that enough cooling is provided to the peripherals and the processor.

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Electronic Failure

When you experience a power cut and the UPS fails to deliver a constant power to the system, the processor may get damaged. If this problem occurs constantly then serious damage to the hard disk can take place. You can detect this issue when the system BIOS wouldn’t detect your hard drive. To avoid this problem get a branded UPS to ensure that the system gets a constant power supply.

Mechanical Failure

Some mechanical faults may occur in the system related to PCB board and spindle motor. Due to internal blockage the motor may stop functioning. You can detect this problem, when clicking sounds come from the hard drive. Your files and folders may get corrupted and you may no longer be able to access them.

Corrupted Files and Human Errors

When you carelessly use the system and shut it down improperly then the file and folders on the system may get damaged. You hard disk is at risk when you disturb the system registry settings of your PC. Wrong installation of the OS can also damage the hard disk.


To avoid such problems handle your system with great care.

  • Never shut it down in wrong way.
  • Never install any kind of untrusted software in the system.
  • Install a good anti-virus in your PC to protect it from threats.
  • Update your system regularly checking for the potential threats that exist in your PC.

Hard disk is considered to be the soul of your system. It has all your important data that is valuable. Hence take care of your hard disk and protect it from the possible threats. If you hard disk get failed then contact the reputed data recovery Vancouver professionals. They have skilled and trained technicians, who will help you recover the data.

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