UEFA Euro 2016 Plan Match without Spectator

UEFA Euro 2016 Plan Match without Spectator

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Towards the grand event of the Euro Cup 2016, stability and security be still the most important issues that need to be considered by the organizers. Especially after the tumultuous events in the form of terrorist threat that hit the city of Brussels, Belgium in late March. The attack, which after four months of terror attacks in France makes European Football Associations Federation further increased vigilance in preparing the security aspects.

Some options have been prepared by UEFA, if in the near future the issue of security has not yet stabilized, and the organizer judged unable to provide a conducive situation for both football fans and the teams that will compete in the finals later. One drastic option that may be taken is to hold the European Cup in 2016 without the presence of spectators in the stadium.


UEFA Executive Committee vice president, Giancarlo Abete, said however that the 2016 European Cup is a type of tournament that not be delayed much less canceled. And it is also possible matches held without spectators, because it is impossible to ignore the threat of terrorism, according to his explanation to the French radio station, Radio24.

The bombing at the airport in Brussels also invite serious concerns on the part of the French government, and since it also has enhanced security preparations. And with the start of the European Cup event that just counting the days, it is expected all security personnel can do the job as well as possible to avoid actions that could disrupt the 2016 European Cup.

French Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, recently said that the event in Brussels reminiscent of the importance of strict safeguards to ensure the implementation of the European Cup in 2016 was a success. And the European Cup in 2016 is expected to start and end with a joyous celebration everyone without making the security forces complacent or missed, he said.

In another occasion, UEFA has also been given the promise to guarantee security when European football grand event took place. Traumatized by the attacks that occurred in the city of Brussels, UEFA is committed will never give up to carry out tasks for the security and safety of football lovers in the European Cup in 2016. Read the complete TV schedule for Euro 2016 live broadcast on jadwaltelevisi.com.


British news site, The Independent, quoted a spokesman for UEFA in one of his articles, that UEFA confirms once again its commitment to the safety and security plans following the 2016 European Cup events in Brussels. Safety and Security Committee (SAS) European Cup in 2016 and all the authorities in the organization of UEFA will work together and cooperate to monitor regularly every level of risk tournament and plans related.

A number of 10 prestigious cities were ready to welcome the approximately seven million foreign tourists who will be expected to set foot in the land of the Eiffel Tower. The amount will be spread in the town of Saint-Denis, Marseille, Lyon, Lille, Paris, Bordeaux, Saint-Etienne, Nice, Lens and Toulouse. And every city is already preparing personnel and equipment as well as possible to maintain the security and comfort of the visitors who came to watch the European Cup in 2016.

The authorities also perform simulations security prevention of terrorist attacks and security especially in areas that need to be aware as a gathering place for football fans as well as places that will be held outings for visitors who do not buy a ticket to enter the stadium.

Expected with security preparations are continuously improved and matured, option game without spectators is not realized, and the European Cup event can be a celebration that can be enjoyed by all football fans both in France and worldwide.

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