Types and Purpose of Humor in Your Animated Explainer Video

Types and Purpose of Humor in Your Animated Explainer Video

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Unlike real video formats where real people portray both light and intense human emotions bearing an equal magnificence, animated explainer video, at its best, can imitate actual human emotions, specifically in a cheerful and fun way.

It is mainly this way since the prominent and default attribute of animation as a form of communication technique, no matter what its purpose of use is, remains to be lightheartedness. Even though animated characters have the ability of representing human beings or even human-like beings for that matter in videos, they can never replace them as far as showcasing deep and real emotions is concerned which can move or charge the viewers. For this reason, the sole emotional appeal which can go well with animated videos is the infliction of humor.


The primary benefit of the use of character animated explainer videos for communication is that this allows you to present a visualization of complex concept with the help of one or several personified characters. As these characters are being hand-drawn by storyboard artists and can represent all entities you can imagine, there is an infinite scope for coming up with one-of-a-kind character representations that are lovable and funny.

There are several kinds of humor elements that can be incorporated in your animated explainer video in different ways.

Silent Humor

In animated videos, silent humor refers to the not so obvious type of humor. A great way to bring out silent humor is through coming up with elements of visual humor. For instance, a secondary character can bring humor by facial expressions or body language. Such subtle elements of humor give a magic touch or special effect to the animated explainer video.  There are also instances that every time a humor element is not that obvious to the viewer, it makes things even more engaging, with the viewer automatically taking interest in the interpretation of the subtle humor and as they do so, they pay more attention as they watch the video.

Loud Humor

When you speak of loud humor, it involves humor elements apparently presented and can be experienced easily by viewers as laughable and funny. Among the most obvious ways to bring out this type of humor in explainer videos is through intentionally coming up with a funny script with the use of one or several wordplay techniques such as phonetic mix-ups, pun, obscure meanings and words, rhetorical devices, double entendres and creating some supporting visual humor elements for the visual and voiceover to bring out humor together. It should also be noted that sound effects play a very crucial and supportive role in bringing out the loud humor in animated explainer video.

Humor serves as the glue which holds the viewers in watching your animated explainer video to the very end. Thus, when you choose to hire an explainer video company for your marketing purposes, see to it that it contains the right humorous elements. But, how many elements then? This will actually depend on the type of your business entity and will also be up to your decision.

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