Two Ultra Modern Office Designs

Two Ultra Modern Office Designs

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More and more businesses are designing truly ultra modern headquarter offices. It seems that it is the latest trend, but there is now also significant scientific research to demonstrate that it is actually beneficial. The way an office is designed, and the colors that are used, have been proven to affect productivity and workplace enjoyment, two very important things for a business to succeed. So what are some of the most ultra modern offices in the world today? Let’s take a look at two.



When Charles Phillips became CEO of Infor, one of his first orders of business was to move the headquarters from Georgia to New York. This surprised a lot of people, who had assumed he would go to Silicon Valley, not Silicon Alley. However, Phillips wanted to be at the heart of where the business’ different elements come together – clients, existing talent, and upcoming talent. For Charles Phillips Infor’s affair was to embody their personal vision, which is to create a thing of beauty, and this shines through in his headquarters.

As a global tech company, Infor builds ERP, CRM, financial management, HRM, and performance management applications for businesses. They are based in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City, in a 19th century building that was once a department store. The company is truly forward thinking, and this is reflected in its office design. The goal was to ensure people could have impromptu meetings, which is why the setting is fully open plan, although there are plenty of collaborative and teaming areas. The minute you enter reception on the 4th floor, you will see a huge media wall, of which there are many more in the office. This means you are instantly immersed in the digital world. The open office is above, and the conference center is below, and the full open plan of everything leaves the different spaces visually connected. Every item in the office was handpicked by Phillips himself.


Everybody knows that Google has taken office design to a whole new levels. They have slides, stroopwafel ceilings, and scooters. They have gone above and beyond allowing a foosball table in the office canteen, in other words. Employees are provided with plenty of entertainment, including indoor putting greens. They are, in a way, working in what can only be described as a nerd playground. Google has faced heavy criticism over this, being accused of enabling their employees to engage more in play than in work. Google, however, counters this by saying that they believe their employees will only play when they feel work is becoming too much, and that they respect the company they work for enough to not take advantage. They believe happiness and productivity go hand in hand. Speaking to Google employees, it seems that their tactics are working. Few ever leave the company, and even fewer don’t work hard. Google may be cooky, but what they do works.

Modern office designs truly are out of this world, and people are constantly fascinated by the next big office reveal.

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