Tracking Efficiency of Employees is Possible with ScreenMeter

Tracking Efficiency of Employees is Possible with ScreenMeter

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Employees are the deep asset for every company. No company can be run without each employee’s own contribution. At the same time it is also important to check efficiency of their work. How much time they are giving to your projects? How good they are at work? Is the salary that you are spending is valuable to the work that your employee is doing? These all questions are on the top for every entrepreneur who is running their company with a staff of 10 or 100 employees.

They can’t actually check manually to every employee’s work, and practically it’s not possible as they have their own busy schedules and can’t find time to check everything. There is no need to worry anymore guys, because is now in the market, it’s a work efficiency checking application which can be used to check efficiency of your employee at work.


Keep Calm and let the application do its job

It is very simple to understand the process of running this application. Let your employee create its task that he or she is going to do, they will start the monitoring software and your job will begin automatically. Now, what time is your employee taking on that particular project, how much time he took for break, what is their idle time, what is their curiosity towards the job, you can see everything mentioned above on your own desktop without going anywhere. The software will give you real time update about your employee’s position while they are on job.

3 Unique Features that you are getting with Screenmeter

  • You can track all the records even while your employees are offline and their internet is not working. When their internet connectivity is slow, the application will start its offline tracking mode and once the internet will start working the all offline work will be uploaded on your dashboard automatically.
  • This application is mobile friendly so you can access it anytime and anywhere. Whether you are at home on bed, in a meeting or even out of the station. The app will do its job and will keep updating you about the position of employees.
  • The last but not the least is the pricing. You will be charged a minimum amount compared to other software. You will be charged as per your number of employees in the company. You are also getting trial package.

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