Track the work record of your employees with TeamLogger

Track the work record of your employees with TeamLogger

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To track your employees’ efficiency to work is the toughest thing when you have a busy schedule and have to check it manually. Every boss is always looking for a solution to it, as it is mandatory to check that whatever the salary they are paying to their employees, is it worth or not? So to solution to that software is now in market call, where you can check time and work of your employees’ everyday without spending a minute from your busy schedule.


How it works?

It works like project management software. You just need to assign project using the software to employee with filling a deadline to that task. Once your employee start on it, he or she has to simply select the project and the countdown will begin, your job is done! Now, the application will start its process. The application will start taking screenshots on intervals of the work and time that your employees are taking on particular project. So, if you are a boss just keep sitting on your chair and open the TeamLogger’s dashboard on intervals, It will show your real time data of work that your employees are doing and what time they are taking for it.

What exactly you will get?

  • You can get performance data of your employee

Here you are getting real time chronological details of the efficiency report of your employee. So you can judge his work quality through it. You can even download this report with CSV format.

  • Offline Tracking Mode

It is obvious that your employees will not have connectivity all the time in working hours. But don’t worry! When the internet of your employee’s is down, the offline tracking mode will start its job. It will start recording the data and once the internet will start working it will automatically upload the work report on your dashboard.

  • Idle Time Detection

When your employee is taking rest from his job, and relaxing for a while at the same time the software will stop working and will not count that time in performance data.

There are lot of more benefits that you can get by using the application. For more information visit the website today.


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