Torrent Streaming is the way to go

Torrent Streaming is the way to go

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In case you are getting caught up in the debate of downloading torrents versus streaming them, the popular verdict is – streaming is the way to go. Subscribe to Cloudload and say goodbye to your woes of downloading…forever!

Cons of downloading

Downloading torrents makes the user vulnerable to virus attacks which come along with the source files. BitTorrent, the customary torrent client is cumbersome since it adds time to download the source files based on the number of seeders. In case the number of seeders are few, then torrenting speed is not different from conventional downloading.  While there is a thin line between downloading and seeding, seeding is considered more offensive since in that the downloaded file is available for other users to copy, from an area which is not the source. The uninformed users will not be aware if it is copyrighted and hence they can fall in the trap of piracy in an oblivious manner. However not every person torrenting is uninformed. Many use this open technology for viewing videos, audios, games etc and even sharing them further. Sometimes they include copyrighted files too. In a very high profile case, Capitol V. Thomas ended up paying a million odd dollars as fine for just sharing 24 songs. Added to this issue, is the recent crackdowns of VPNs which chase the offenders. Further the ISPs levy fine for unauthorised files downloading and clogging the internet while torrenting.


Solution is torrent streaming

Instead of following the cumbersome way of installing BitTorrent client and then downloading the .torrent files and magnet links, you can get started with torrent streaming right away and do away with the pains of downloading. Additionally, safe guarding yourself with a paid VPN and even running virus scanners and ad wizards on your device is avoided. Cloudload is the one stop cloud based solution which offers all that you need in a single portal. There is a free trial period available for you to check it out.

Once you are a member of Cloudload, you can use any of your devices’ interchangeably to stream torrents of your choice: iPad, iPhone, Apple Airplay, Android, Chromecast, Mac, TV- you name it and you have it. The user obtains speeds upto 10Gbps which is beyond what any torrent streaming provider promises. 24 file types are supported to stream from. Since it is a cloud a based solution, the user can also use the storage space to download and save files and also upload files for either safe storage or sharing. Since all the downloading and streaming takes place from the cloud directly, the user identity is hidden and there is no requirement for the member to invest in VPN.

The users of Cloudload claim that they have had and out of the world experience with no popup ads, no viruses and promise to be member for life. The ease to use and speeds offered by this portal have made users hooked on to it, for their torrenting needs. Torrent streaming with Cloudload is the way to go.

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