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The world of flash games is a real chance to travel into another reality. That`s why children enjoy playing them so much. Together with Kizi2games developers we have made a rating of the best flash games, which will not only entertain little gamers, but also improve their brain activity. So let’s go!

  1. Scooby Doo: Puzzles

Many kids love puzzles, but puzzles with the beloved cartoon character Scooby Doo will become a real surprise. Six exciting and bright pictures are waiting for you. You can choose any of them. But not everything is so simple, as the game time is limited. Your main task is – to collect a puzzle before the time is up. Take any piece, twist it and select the correct variant. Playing flash game “Scooby Doo: Puzzles” is – a lot of fun! Bright pictures and festal music will bring you many pleasant emotions.

  1. Mario in the seaImage result for TOP FLASH GAMES FOR KIDS mario in the sea

The brave Mario has decided to go fishing. But not all is so banal! In fact, he went down to the bottom of the sea and started a real hunt against dangerous sea monsters. Help Mario to win! The game has several levels and it makes the passage of missions even more interesting. What stage you are able to reach?

  1. Mouse hunt

Little mice are becoming wiser and smarter. Catching them now is not so easy, that`s why a famous favorite cat Garfield needs your help. Play with him in a wonderful arcade flash game, where the main task is – to catch a mouse that appears in the cheese holes. You need to have a really good reaction in order to be faster than her!

  1. Tom and Jerry. HalloweenImage result for Tom and Jerry. Halloween

Today is the most mystical holiday of the year – Halloween. On this scary night, all the dark creatures come to our world and terrorize people. But our heroes, Tom and Jerry, have no time on being afraid, as they are in a hurry to the Halloween festive party. Together they fly on a magic broomstick and meet a lot of bats. Your main task is – to help a cat and a little mouse to avoid clashes with the bats and other obstacles. On the way you will find many holiday pumpkins and various bonuses, which should be collected. You must be very careful and have a good reaction to help your favorite heroes in getting to the party. So go on, as time is running out!

  1. Lego ninja

Lego online games are especially popular among children. One of the most popular is – “Lego ninja”. In this game you will become a real ninja warrior, who needs to liberate the village, captured by strangers. Stay focused and go forward! You will not only attack, but also conduct different defensive operations. All the invaders should be stopped. We wish you good luck and brilliant victories!

So, these were top flash games for the young players! Each of them will bring many joyful moments and develop the abilities of your kid – at the same time. Online flash games are surely the best way to relax after school.


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