Top 5 Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategies

Top 5 Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategies

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The pharmaceutical industry has changed a lot in the recent years and so has the medical marketing strategies. These years have seen a digital transformation in the field of marketing inclusive of pharmaceutical marketing. For any queries the common public finds the results of search engines to be much reliable and easily accessible. For this reason the recent trends of marketing are a mix of personal touch and digitalization.

  1. Keep the patients needs above all

The medical marketing these days is not a mere promotion of the brand, but it is the promotion of the solution to the needs of the patients. The empathy shown towards the problem of patients, works wonders in the field of pharmaceutical marketing. It should be such that the patient or physician should feel that the focus is on their needs and they are cared about.


  1. Evolution of wearable technology

The increasing lists of portable and wearable medical gadgets have proved to draw the patients and physicians near to the company. Most of these wearable medical gadgets like pedometers, BP monitor fall well within the budget and lifestyle of the general public. These gadgets empower the patients and instill in them a sense of independence for minor health problems. Medical marketing strategies routed through this path can be much effective.

  1. Traditional art of storytelling

A real life story is in fact a more realistic way to connect to the targeted audience which could be anyone from physicians to patient. People pay attention when they are told about someone who they could relate to. A more effective approach is personalized storytelling in which the story is advanced in with help of images, contents and graphics. The idea is simply getting hold on the target audience through multiple sensory receptors.

  1. Restructuring of closed loop marketing strategies

The CLM’s (closed loop marketing), which works in a way to correct the course followed for marketing needs to be revised. Data are collected from various realms of customers but the CLM analysis systems are built by the IT department of the company which is not aware of the objectives to which the analyzed data should be linked. Hence, it is important for the pharmaceutical marketers to tie the objectives of the company to the changes done in the plan resulting in smooth functioning of the CLM.

  1. Virtual reality guidance for the patient

A new way to imbibe interest of customers in the pharmaceutical market is to guide them virtually through a tutorial which shows them the course of action of the therapy, the processes involved in it and the way in which it cures the ailment. All these are made possible through virtual reality apps and hence it acts a major booster for medical marketing.

With changing times ways of marketing in pharmaceutical companies have changed a lot and a lot of it owes to the choices of the customers. People these days are interested in objects which suit their lifestyle and hence a blend of digital and traditional marketing works well on them.

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