Top 5 Areas That Makes Use of Aerial Photography Apart From Films

Top 5 Areas That Makes Use of Aerial Photography Apart From Films

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Aerial photography is mostly believed to be employed for filming and shooting purposes only. But, in reality, the scope of aerial photography is quite far and wide and is employed in a variety of industrial sectors apart from movie productions.

Versatile world of aerial photography

Aerial photography is all about taking shots while in air so that the clearer and wider view of the target site can be obtained. It can be used either for the mapping purposes or for selecting the right location for starting any new project. Apart from it, here are 5 top areas where aerial photography has proved its worth:

  • Land allocation planning

Aerial shots of an area can help the town planning experts decide how infrastructure should be organized in the selected region. It can give a clearer view on how land should be demarcated and allotted for commercial as well as residential purposes.

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  • Environmental research

Aerial photography is used by the environmentalists who want to understand the impact of various man influenced actions on the overall health of the region. They take shots from the aerial view for better comparison of the two situations arising from introduction of human population, a factory etc. in a particular area.

  • Power line expansion

Erecting high tension electricity towers in an area requires detailed knowledge about it. Understanding the road map of power line can be made easier using aerial photography that can be of great use in planning its expansion path. Apart from expansion, aerial photography is used for inspection related to power lines too.

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  • Security and surveillance

Use of 4K Drone cameras for annihilating terrorist bases or criminal activities in any part of the country has led to the application of aerial photography for surveillance purposes.

  • Residential projects advertising

An aerial view of a residential scheme can help understand the buyer better about the property chosen for investing. He gets to know what all features are defining the buildings and the areas surrounding them.

Thus, aerial photography has emerged as an important tool in carrying out various activities related to research, business, advertising and planning.


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