Top 3 Ways to Give Your Smart Phone Overall Protection

Top 3 Ways to Give Your Smart Phone Overall Protection

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Protecting the smart phone is not restricted to giving adding a layer of screen shield only. The smart phone needs enhanced cover of anti theft device which helps in protecting your data too. Your phone is an easy target for thieves and web-based malwares and so it is advisable to have three most important tools always in your reach for achieving overall protection.

  1. Untraceable screen passwords

Go deeper when you are done protecting your screen externally. If you want no body to access your applications and evade your privacy, simple trick lies in setting passwords that are not so easy to crack. This helps you in giving your thief a tough fight in accessing the data, and you can buy time for erasing all crucial information if the phone falls in wrong hands.

  1. Update software regularly

Updated versions of software provide better protection against malware and Trojans floating in the mobile’s internet environment. Thus, installing a trash cleaner having added advantage of internet security can benefit you in the long run. Moreover, keep installing the updates as and when they appear in order to keep your handset better equipped against malware attacks.

  1. Make use of phone trackers


Phone tracking is a marvelous activity that is supported by almost all of the phones, but very few owners know about it. There are three ways to track your phone-

  • Using unique ID: This is allotted to any phone which can be used to trace the lost handset; therefore, make it a point to keep a record of it.
  • GPS tracking: Before the phone gets switched off and SIM card is destroyed, try making a call or send SMS and with the help of Android device manager on your desktop, you can find the exact location of your phone.

So, follow all of the above for a secured phone experience by getting better grip on your close-to-heart gadget that has almost transformed into the lifeline of your life

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