Tips on Safe Online Shopping  

Tips on Safe Online Shopping  

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Online Shopping

With the development of technologies, more and more consumers prefer to purchase goods on the Internet. People can browse a wide range of sewing machines, clothes, smart watches etc., and, after comparing the prices, make a purchase and all this can be done without leaving the house! However, 3 years ago or so people mostly bought only electronics online (mobile phones, tablets, etc.), today, however even some food retailers are “moving” online.

There are three advantages of online shopping. The most prominent of them is the price of goods. Typically, it is a few percent lower than at conventional stores. Online stores significantly save on salaries paid to shop assistants and on rent as well, therefore they can offer a more competitive price. However, when making online purchases, you might come across with some risks associated with the quality of the goods, the payment and delivery process.

The quality of goods

Online Shopping

Very often there are incidents when receive goods that turn out to be of worse quality as opposed to the stated information on the website of the seller. To avoid such cases, you should:

  1. Try to buy goods only on trusted sites with a good reputation on social networks and with a large number of positive feedback. If a site has been on the market for a month or so and offers to buy a TV for half the price, it is likely, that these people are scammers and you will never see your money again.
  2. You should read carefully the product description. There is huge difference between a “Samsung phone” and “like a Samsung phone”. This way, you will buy like a fake for a low price, but you will not get the quality of the original model.
  3. Try not to order goods from shops that are too far away from your country. Some unscrupulous sellers intentionally send defective goods on condition that if you want to return them, you will have to pay for their shipment by yourself, and that is not a cheap.

How to pay for your purchases

When paying for goods online, which usually takes place in non-cash form, there is a risk of fraud with your card. What you should do to avoid this:

  1. You should get a credit card for online purchases with a small credit limit.
  2. Under no circumstance you should give out your card number, valid date, the secret code and password. The seller does not need to know it.
  3. If possible, you should choose a cash on delivery option. That is, you only have to pay for goods upon receipt.

Choosing a product on the Internet

Making the right choice in a situation where you cannot take a look at a product in person is not easy at all. In order not to get disappointed upon receiving it, you should read reviews of owners on various resources and make a decision based on these reviews. And here is one more tip: today you can both sell and buy goods on the Internet, which means that if you are interested you could visit this page to buy and sell goods as well by yourself!

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