Tips on How to Download Video Player for Mac

Tips on How to Download Video Player for Mac

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So, you have a Mac and are wondering how to download video player for Mac? Video players can be downloaded and viewed on a Mac, but the procedure can be annoying, especially when you do not have the right tools to implement with. In this article, we will read about downloading a video player for your Mac.

What is Elmedia player?

Elmedia Player is a multifunctional Mac OS video player which can support many kinds of common video and audio file types which are SWF, WMV, FLV, MOV, AVI, MP3, DAT, MP4, FLAC, and MKV. It comes with several features which include open URL and in-built web browser to enable you to watch online videos through the app window.

Watch YouTube videos

You can now watch Vimeo, YouTube, and Dailymotion videos using this player. There is no need to open a browser. It supports subtitles and uses them. You can watch videos in PRO version and download it on your Mac. The video can be set on the loop and set the starting and ending frames for it.2

Enhanced playback features

Some of the important playback features can be changed including:

  • Adjust playback speed
  • Visualize different events like flipping, pausing, rotating videos, etc.
  • Increase or decrease the brightness, contrast, saturation
  • Make use of flexibility of graphic equalizer coming with 10 preset frequencies

Download videos from YouTube PRO

When you want to view a video on YouTube even when it is offline, then using this tool you can easily download video. You need to make use of the browser mode and download the video using the download button. You would be happy to know that using the tool you can download entire YouTube playlist

Extract audio PRO

Supposing all you want is the soundtrack, but not the video on YouTube, then you just need to choose the M4A or MP3 format present in the Elmedia Player PRO and the audio file can be downloaded without any hassles. Sometimes the video might not interest several users, who will be only interested in the audio then this is an ideal choice.

Download from the Internet PRO

You can download various video types from the Internet which can be supported by Elmedia Player PRO that includes HTML5 videos and RTMP streams. You can now, easily watch a live stream offline, without missing a single second. No more missing out on live streaming files. Isn’t something to feel happy about using the Elmedia PRO?

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