Tips for Buying New Business Software

Tips for Buying New Business Software

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Is your office or small business in need of a software overhaul? Whether you are looking for more security, better organization, a boost sales, greater speed, or additional features, buying new enterprise business software may be the solution. Here are some tips for buying to business software for your office.

Consider Industry Specific Solutions
While many software products are touted as one-size-fits-all solutions, once you get the apps installed you may find this not to be the case. It is often best to find a product designed for your specific industry and needs. Companies such as Infor led by Charles E Phillips, CEO of Infor provide business software solutions designed from the ground up for individual industries. These industries include hospitality, the public sector, fashion, non-profit, shipping,manufacturing, and retail amongst dozens more. So before you consider changing the way you do business to suit your software consider industry specific solutions that will fit your business.

When buying new business software you should always consider the support offered with the product. Support can range from assisting with install, troubleshooting issues, and optimization. Some companies will send out support staff for hands on support while others offer 24/7 call desks. To ensure that your business software is working for you at all times, make sure you the company selling your software provides quality support and customer service. It is also useful to look up online reviews of the company’s service, to get first hand accounts of how you will be treated once you are a customer.

10 years ago compatibility meant “will it work on my PC?” but nowadays things are a lot more complicated. When considering buying new business software ensure it is runs on multiple platforms and devices. These include mobile phones, tablets, and computers. Also, more and more office are supporting a variety of operating systems so you may want business software that will work with your all of your employees mobile and desktop operating systems.

User Limitations
When buying new business software it is important to consider user limitations. Most business software is licensed to a certain number of users. Understanding user limitations includes knowing the difference between active and total users. “Total users” usually refers to the number of devices the software is licensed to be installed on.  “Active users” often means the total number of users that can be using the software simultaneously. Understanding licensing and user limitations will ensure you are not overpaying for business software or limiting functionality.

So when you are shopping for new business software you must consider many factors.  You must decide which software package best suits the needs of your company. Also, consider the ongoing support offered by the developer for this software package. You must ensure the business software will run on your company’s devices and operating systems. You will need to know the number of users and active users your organization requires. These tips for buying new business software will help your business keep costs down while finding a software solution that may make your office more productive, efficient, organized, and boost revenues.

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