Tips for Buying a Cheap Smart TV

Tips for Buying a Cheap Smart TV

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Smart TVs have become the norm for most households, with the ability to connect to the internet and use a host of different features now very much a standard component of most models. That also means finding an affordable smart TV is much easier than it once was, although there are certainly some cheap smart TVs that should be avoided, so it’s all about finding the right balance.

Here’s some tips on finding a cheap smart TV:


The Cheapest Option is Rarely the Best

Nowadays it is easy to head into a store or online and find a television made from an uncommon manufacturer. As the production of modern televisions has become much more affordable, there are many small-name brands that appear with a smart TV that is by far and away the cheapest option you will find.

The problem with these is that they often tend to lack the quality to last any length of time, so while they cost little in the beginning, there is a good chance you will be forking out for repairs or a replacement sooner rather than later.

Look for smart TVs that are in the cheapest price range, but always be wary of a price tag that seems too good to be true because it will likely be just that.

Compare with Other TVs

The one thing you can say about smart TV sets is that there will be plenty of options available – in fact most televisions are now smart TVs to some extent.

Whether in-store or online, be sure to use other televisions for comparisons. Check the features and specs on any smart TV that catches your eye and then compare these with other models, include cheaper and costlier options in this, as they can give you an idea in the differences in things such as sound and picture quality.

Picture quality is often the first notable difference when it comes to cheaper TVs, so be on the lookout for affordable options that have better picture qualities, as these are the ones that are worth investing in.

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Consider Size

The size of a smart TV is often one of the biggest factors in the overall price, so it’s a safe bet to assume smaller sets will be cheaper. With that being said, most televisions are around 40 inches, but some have larger frames that can increase the size without actually increasing the screen.

Also, the amount of space that you have available should affect this decision too. If you need a smart TV for your room, then going smaller may be a better idea as the closer you will be sitting to the TV the smaller size it should be.

For example, if your television will be around 6ft away from where you sit, you only really need to go for somewhere in the region of 17-27 inches.

Keep an Eye on Sales

Television sales are actually quite seasonal. While holidays such as Boxing Day or the recently popular Black Friday are known for slashing prices on electronics such as smart TVs, summer months such as June are known for having great sale prices on televisions.

May through to April can also be a good time to catch some price reductions, as there are examples of this being the period of the year where retailers are slashing the prices for older models to make way for newer ones.

Always Read Reviews

It is simple to do and will really help to get the best idea of whether a low-price smart TV is worth your investment. Reviews can be found in abundance online, from short reviews you find on Amazon to entire websites and blogs dedicated to reviewing certain products.

Take not of the model of TV you are thinking of buying and read several reviews, looking for common criticism or praises in each one, so any time something appears in numerous reviews, its likely a point worth remembering.

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