Things to check before you go for CDN Services

Things to check before you go for CDN Services

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CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a globally distributed network of proxy services, with a goal to get the best content availability to the users. Still, before you go on with these CDN services, you must make sure what you need and what you don’t. Do a little research on the pricing area if you don’t have a thought on it. For example, checking on the edgecast cdn pricing would help if you are going on with the same service.

Here are a few points to check before you opt for CDN Services:

  • Make it clear about what your business needs. If you are live streaming videos or if you are an e-commerce site, the situation difference so does the services you should opt for, follows the change in the pricing like edgecast cdn pricing. Also, determine where your current visitors belong to. After getting a clear understanding of your traffic and its working, you can choose the CDN with the number of POPs accordingly, located in the region with your visitors on a majority note
  • CDN pricing is usually considered on a per GB format. If you hold a wider bandwidth then the price per GB eventually decreases and vice versa. You should figure out the needs of your bandwidth range and go for quoting with CDN. Checking up with your bandwidth can help you estimate your budget for a CDN.
  • Understanding of the pull or push zone determines how you expect your content getting cached on your Content Delivery Network. A pull zone is the most widely and on a regular note, used to copy your data to a CDN. This is a matter of minutes if you are using WordPress
  • Every situation is different. Make sure to run the tests to find out what fits your requirement. The speed of a CDN should certainly be evaluated and service providers like JodiHost do have trial period offered. You can also use performance test tools to check the speed of the data you put in from different locations possible.
  • Once again, check for the need. If you require it for SEO purposes, it is advisable to use a customized URL along with a CNAME. Shared zone URL is commonly provided by most of the providers yet depending on your requirement, a customized one can be purchased.
  • Security is yet another major issue you should be looking at. Check if the CDN provider provides secure hotlink protection, DDoS protection, authorization and so on.

After crisply finding a qualified CDN service provider to ensure better productivity on your website, you can go ahead with negotiating with your budget. But then, making sure of your requirement first is highly advisable. These main things are to be certainly considered, without having a second thought at all. If you have a non-dynamic standard when it comes to content, it is quite better. On the off note, if you are looking for a Content Delivery Network for heavy purposes like video streaming, make sure your choice is strict and the quality of the service provider is high.

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