The Pros and Cons of Buying Youtube Videos

The Pros and Cons of Buying Youtube Videos

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Social Media is one of the most powerful instruments to gather popularity and to earn money as well. Nowadays, people are more attached to the concept of using the social media such as “Youtube” in order to promote, to advertise and also as means of sharing their talent and other updates about current trends. However, there is more about social media that you should learn to appreciate and one of which is about buying youtube videos.

There are several pros and cons of buying and selling youtube videos that you should be aware of. The following will help you understand how this process works for most people.


The pros:

To Increase popularity – As what you will notice, most youtube videos that have thousands to millions of views gain more popularity than those that have lesser views. According to experts, people are fond of choosing which one that has more views because it could mean that it is more reliable, comes with high quality and high definition videos. This is just a matter of trust. We actually assume immediately that once the said video has lots of likes, views and comments could mean that it is the best among the rest of the videos. Thus, buying more likes and selling those to people who need it more could mean higher chances of increasing popularity.

To gain more fans – Once you have noticed that a certain video has increased number of views, likes and comments, you will be intrigued and tempted to go and watch as well. It is a common notion that we people are not aware about. We always follow what it popular and what is trending. A certain video, no matter how plain and boring it is, once it has a lot of view and comments, it can surely have higher chances to gain fans. Naturally, if you are a fan, you would like to subscribe and follow every posts of that said person who uploaded the video causing them to become popular.

To increase sales – If you are an artist or someone who wanted to earn, then go and get youtube videos for it could be the answer to your prayer. There are several artists or producers who wanted to have their talent to gain more fans and views. So, in order to gain more fans, you can sell them a youtube video that has a lot of likes to be converted and become the likes of their uploaded video.

The cons:

Grammar problems – The common mistake that most of us are unable to notice is that most of these bought videos are auto generated. When it comes to auto generation of the comments, tendencies are most of the video comments have grammar slips, errors while some are just talking nonsense.

It obviously looks plain – Humans do have lots of things to say about a certain video as compared to computed generated comments. If you will notice, most of them would come in a plain and recycled sentences which would make it look boring and irrelevant at times.

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