The Era of Ride Sharing Takes over Taxi Rides

The Era of Ride Sharing Takes over Taxi Rides

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All over the world, taxi rides have been the preferred mode of transport in cities across the world. The industry has been growing at a steady state so far with taxi drivers making a steady income and taxi apps becoming more and more popular. But the future promises change for those who have been hailing taxis so far to get to their destination. The future belongs to ridesharing. Companies offering rideshares have seen an unprecedented increase in their sales and number of rides offered. It continues to grow more as ridesharing apps garner the market share from taxi drivers.

Changing the way you ride


Taxi drivers have not been happy with the developments. Usually the taxi drivers have a license and they do not come cheap. For a ridesharing company like Uber, anybody with a car and their own insurance can offer their services. This continues to drop prices for taxi licences and they are becoming less popular. As a result, the taxi drivers keep getting into lawsuits with ride sharing services like Uber. The no. of ridesharing cars has slowly taken over the no. of taxis in major cities at a slow as the rideshare industry exploded.

Advantages of ridesharing

The advantages of ridesharing outshine the traditional taxi service by a mile. You can choose your own driver before you get into your ride; you reach your destination faster due to GPS based navigation, you end up saving money in the end. Not to mention, you get a prompt customer support with ridesharing, you also get to rate drivers so that it becomes reliable for everybody. With a rideshare service, you can share the rent and also there is usually a system for rewards where you can use the bonus points later on.

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