The Emergence of CAD Drafting

The Emergence of CAD Drafting

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Before the computers came into picture, the process of drafting and engineering design used to be a very complicated as well as time consuming affair altogether. Back then everything had to be done manually that led to a lot of compromise over the accuracy and let to several errors. With the computer era came in the Computer aided design, or CAD and that proved to be revolution in world of architecture and engineering design.


Today the biggest companies have access to the technology of CAD drafting services making the entire process way better, efficient and fast. The CAD drafting serviceshelp almost every industrial sector to get absolute precise and accurate data for various operations such as:

  • architectural & construction,
  • utility,
  • facility management,
  • survey,
  • civil and structural engineering companies,
  • geological and environmental,
  • mining consultants, and
  • The mechanical industry, to name a few.

CAD drafting can be done in either 2D or 3D dimensions. The CAD systems have brought down the entire product development costs big time. It has also reduced the design cycle significantly. Severalsmall and mid-sized companies have been able to majorly cut down their drafting costs.

Q-CAD, Inc. is a leading provider of CAD conversion services since the year March 1992. It specializes in CAD drafting of documents involving engineering, historical document preservation, machine drawings, architectural, maps, utility plans, catalogs, and almost every other type of document that can be consideredas both 2D and 3D CAD files.

Quality CAD services are offered here by highly skilled drafting professionals who manually re-draw your TIF, PDF, or paper files for you. The various CAD drafting services offered here are:

  1. Basic Services (DWG)
  2. Custom Services (DWG)
  • Construction Docs (DWG)
  1. Maps Services (DWG)
  • Microstation 2D
  1. Basic Services (DGN)
  2. Custom Services (DGN)
  • Construction Docs (DGN)
  1. Maps Services (DGN)
  • REVIT 2D
  1. Space Management
  • REVIT 3D
  1. Revit Architecture (RVT)
  2. Revit MEP (RVT)
  • Revit Structure (RVT)
  • Microstation 3D
  • Other CAD
  1. SolidWorks
  2. ProEngineer (Creo)

This is USA owned and operated CAD drawing company that asks the same price per sheet no matter how many sheets is sent by you.

The team is proficient in handling almost anything such as electrical, engineering, civil, construction, architectural, historical archives, mechanical, site plans, utility plans, machine drawings, plot maps, working drawings and so on.

For more information and quality CAD drafting services feel free to visit the website of Q-CAD right today!

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