The Best Mac SEO Tools worth Checking Out

The Best Mac SEO Tools worth Checking Out

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Almost all marketers choose cloud-based SEO software nowadays, desktop applications still have a fair number of fans, mostly due to their capability to incorporate with different web based apps and a bundle of thanks to the control they give one over data updates.

There are a lot of Desktop tools often designed for Windows (the control of the zeitgeist that period of influence when the first SEO app comes out) and no doubt there has been usually lack of free Mac SEO Software and tools in the marketplace.

So, if you are in desktop lover campsite and you have a Mac, these collections of the best SEO tools for Mac to use are particularly for you.

  1. SEO PowerSuite

mac-tools-1 (1)

SEO PowerSuite is a collection of few enormous and useful desktop SEO tools, its every feature is especially designed for a specific piece of the SEO working task. Together, they help the SEO with:

  • Web page rank tracking
  • keyword research analysis
  • backlink examination
  • Content optimization
  • on-page SEO analysis

SEO PowerSuite’s major strength shows its huge number of features and the flexibility it offers one in completion of various tasks.

Plans and pricing

Paid version:  Enterprise – $699, Pro – $299 (all licenses include 6 months of free search algorithm updates)

Free version: yes available

2. Advanced Web Ranking

mac-tools-2 (1)

Its just like an all-rounder SEO answer that permits you to keep an eye on a broad selection of SEO metrics under one SEO dashboard:

  • Social Media Metrics
  • Rankings Analysis
  • Backlinks Analysis
  • Data Analysis

Advanced Web Ranking incorporates with Google Analytics, Majestic SEO, Moz, SEMRush from which you can grab data into the tool and evaluate it there.

Plans and pricing

Paid version:  Enterprise – $499/m Starter – $49/m, Pro – $99/m, Agency – $199/m

Free version: a 30-day free trial version available.

3. SEO Extract

mac-tools-3 (1)

SEO Extract is a comprehensive dashboard that:

  • A good keyword analyzer
  • It tracks keyword rankings
  • It collects analytic data for the site, similar to Google Analytics
  • It provides detailed on-page SEO analysis

One of SEO Extract’s main benefits is that it makes it easy to find and track rankings for the same keywords around many domains, and to efficiently go with crawl stats to keyword ranking data.

Though, its keyword rankings helping feature is offered only for the Google search engine.

Plans and pricing

Paid version:  Professional – $169 and Standard – $65

Free version: yes available

  1. iWeb SEO Tool

mac-tools-4 (1)

The iWeb tool developed by RAGE software is a great tool for for on-page SEO optimization. This useful tool allows you to import your website’s data and content into the project and optimize your:

  • Title of the Posts,
  • Image alt tags.
  • Meta description tags

It also helps to upload the site onto the Web via FTP.

Plans and pricing

Paid version:  $29.95

Free version: free version available for the company’s hosting clients only

5. Integrity

mac-tools-5 (1)

Integrity developed by well known PeacockMedia is fundamentally a Link Checker tool for Mac. Just like Link Sleuth, it’s an excellent free broken link checker, pin point problems and also supports soft 404s Errors along with other issues.

Plans and pricing

Its Freeware

6. SEOSpyder

mac-tools-6 (1)

SEOSpyder is also an effective Mac SEO tool developed by Mobilio that allows you to

  • Test the site’s landing speed
  • Analyze your site for broken links
  • Validate its HTML, RSS, CSS and JavaScripts,
  • Check your site’s Meta tags
  • Check and analyze your page’s status codes (2xx, 3xx, 4xx, etc.)
  • And, a lot of free interactive.

The main benefit of this app is that it’s compatible with both, the desktop and the mobile version of your site.

Plans and pricing

Paid version:  Pro – $99.99

Free version: yes available


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