The all new way for customer connect: In-app messenger

The all new way for customer connect: In-app messenger

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The instant messenger system that took off in the 90s was instantly adapted by the young generation. Many messenger systemssuch as ICQ and MSN Messenger were a hot favorite among youngsters. But with the eagle-like spread of social media platforms they have lost the charm with youngsters.

However, there is one domain where instant messaging has not lost its charm; and has been reinvented with a newer purpose. That is in the business sector. In this area, it does not serve as a platform for informal conversations, but instead, it is wholly repurposed as a clever and efficient tool for keeping in touch with your business partners and customers to increaseefficiency and aidtime-critical queries.

In-app messenger is one of the most upcoming and trendy marketing tools. Instead of treating the content as spam, in-app messages can be evaluated to drive engagement and improve retention. For marketers, the business purpose is to create a long-term and valuable relationship with their clientele. In-app messaging works best also because they can contain personalized content targeted to individuals or segmented audiences. Companies have now started focusing on in-app behavior to promote more personal engagement and customer retention.

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What does in-app messaging do?

In-app messages are notifications displayed while the user is active within the app itself. It’s a messaging system within the app which can ensure a strong two-way communication between the customer and the business. Based on analytical results, businesses can segment customers, write mails, resolve customer queries, and retain them. Hence,this form of messaging is highly contextual as it is rooted in analytics, and can be triggered based on user interactions.

Since it is more tailored to suit business-customer interaction, in-app messaging is better at delivering based on user context and expectations.  In-app messaging can be successfully used as part of a larger mobile or webmarketing strategy.

How can businesses benefit from in-app messaging?

IT managers have recognized the potential of in-app messengers for smooth communication between businesses and external customers/partners. So where does the advantage of an in-app messenger lie?

Apart from being instantaneous and flexible, it can:

Provide connectivity on the go:A lot of in-app messaging apps have been working hard to make their apps mobile which is helpful as support teams can continue talking to their customers or visitors to the app even on the go.

Identify customer trends:Analyzing and identifying when users are most likely to buy and by delivering promotional in-app offers at the right time that helps boost conversions and purchases.

Track leads:Businesses with an in-app messenger can now keep a track on the leads that get generated. Once generated, they can be tracked and segmented so that companies can reach out better and in turnprovide excellent customer experience.

Avoid ticket creation:Instead of raising a ticket and waiting for the support team to resolve it, customers can now get it resolved real-time over in-app messaging.This type of messaging is more channelized and empowers the customer, besides reducing the time required to solve any query.

Track conversion metrics:Businesses can identify conversion metrics through in-app events that is brand specific. They can segment user acquisition campaigns by channel and track to see which channels attract specific customers who are of lifetime value.

It has been found that in-app messages lead to 3.5times higher user retention.These appshave the power to retain nearly 50% of their users compared to their counterparts who retain only 13% of users. If this in-app messenger system is used in the right way, a company can mirror their ability to users by providing information, content or offers they are truly interested in, pointing them to relevant or useful features, and generally increasing the value they get from the app. Many companies have started investing in in-app messenger system by not only utilizing the tool but in creating, optimizing, measuring and improving key campaigns.

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