The Age of The Hoverboard

The Age of The Hoverboard

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Hoverboards have entered the market and they have caused quite a stir. They have replaced the Segway pretty quickly as the best electronic personal transportation device. This is in part due to many celebrities using them and posting their antics on social media. Timing played a big part in this. No single “toy” had pushed ahead as the number one option for Christmas, so the hoverboard gladly took this position.


Many people have predicted that the hoverboard will not just be a fad and will be here for years to come, ultimately rivalling the traditional bicycle. While the use of a hoverboard doesn’t burn off calories, it doesn’t burn fossil fuels so this could be seen as a cheap way to cut carbon emissions and reduce the traffic on roads. In order for this to happen, the technology needs to improve. We’ve witnessed many tales of people coming off their board to their injury because the hoverboard stopped mid journey. This is because the power that comes from the battery cuts out – mainly due to the battery functioning at 10% of its capacity. Many boards are now fitted with sensors to detect when this will happen and gradually slow the hoverboard down to a stop. This could be quite dangerous if someone was riding behind you!

I think prices for hoverboards will come down. I counted at least sixty businesses who have their own type of hoverboard. With such a crowded marketplace, it will inevitably result in these businesses reducing their prices to undercut their competitors in order to get your business. I think we could see hoverboards reaching the $150 mark in six months time. Think of it when Sony releases a new playstation, prices are sky high on market launch, then gradually reduces in price as the months pass by. This could well happen with this technology, so if you are on a budget, it could be worth waiting for a few months until the hoverboard becomes cheaper. Although, some of the cheapest hoverboards are available for around $300, which is quite a good price, considering many similar models are priced at $500. Make sure you compare each hoverboard in terms of speeds they can achieve, the type of battery they use, and the distance they can travel on one charge. It is also important to read reviews. If you follow these points, you will not go wrong and choose a great hoverboard which you will enjoy for many years to come. Happy Hoverboarding!

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