Ten Nifty Internet Booster Apps

Ten Nifty Internet Booster Apps

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Slow internet connection is undeniably one of the most annoying things in the world, only trailing a shoddy customer service. Herein, I will walk you through a list of internet booster Android apps that have been tried and test. That’s right – nowadays you can spruce up your lagging home internet connection speed without shedding any dollar.

#1. Network Signal Speed Booster

Ever wanted to enjoy a turbo boosted internet connection? Network Signal Speed Booster is what every smartphone user need. Its allure lies in the way it works; it analyzes both Wifi and cellular connection, and accelerate them dramatically, all with just a simple click. And the best part: it is totally free!Image result for Ten Nifty Internet Booster Apps

#2. Internet Booster Xtreme

This app is designed to improve your internet speed right from the moment you install it. The app is also equipped with clean-up technologies to help eliminate critical CPU resources that usurp the internet connection speed. It also refreshes your network, leaving your upload and download speed revved up.

#3. Faster Internet 2x

The developer of Faster Internet 2x promises that their app will boost your internet connection by up to twofold. Under the hood, this app harbors robust scripts that are cleverly coded to tweak your connection channels and optimize signal reception.

#4. Internet Speed Master

Unlike other android internet booster apps, Internet Speed Master is tailored to improve and boost both internet connection and call quality. App’s script contacts are designed to tweak system files to improve internet connection over IP/TCP. It also offers backup features.

#5. Internet Turbo Booster

Internet Turbo Booster app is certainly one of the best internet connection boosters out there. With just one click, you can rev up your connection up 3 times. It’s available for download on Google Play for free.

#6. Faster Internet Booster

Faster Internet Booster app is definitely the best internet booster for your smartphone. The results of this app are immediate, and you don’t need to reboot your phone to see clear benefits. According to the developer’s site, the app boosts internet connection by up to five times.

#7. Wifi Speed Booster

If your wifi strength isn’t cutting it, you might want to get Wifi Speed Booster app. It has garnered huge following and has attracted thousands of downloads worldwide. It’s not just another free wifi internet booster; it promises to boost the speed up to 2 times.

#8. Wifi Signal Strength

This app lets you improve your wifi signal strength fast and without any hassle associated with other apps. The app allows you to choose the highest signal strength. Whether you are connected to a home network or airport hotspot, Wifi Signal Strength will do the trick.

#9. Wifi Easy Booster

Wifi Easy Booster app is set to rev up the speed of your wireless connection quick and easy. It has a simple and easy to navigate user interface. This way, it enhances your uploading/downloading, file transferring speed or streaming.

#10. Wifi Analyzer

This powerful wifi internet booster works in a different way from the rest. It helps locate, trace, and find the best wifi hotspots as well.

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