Tempered Glass Protector a Superior Option

Tempered Glass Protector a Superior Option

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In the world of screen protection not all screen protectors are created equal. You have invested in your phone or device, and it is worthwhile to protect your investment. Without a quality covering, your phone is vulnerable and can easily become scratched, cracked or damaged in some other way. You should consider carefully which protector you will choose, as your decision could save you time, money and frustration. Here are some excellent reasons you should choose a tempered glass screen protector for your phone or device.

Though plastic screen protectors are initially a cheaper option than tempered glass ones, overall choosing a plastic screen protector could end up costing you much more. A tempered glass screen protector is much more likely to keep your device in good condition in the event of a fall or exposure to things that could scratch it, like sand in your pocket. That means you will not have to replace the screen or the entire phone or device. Spending a little extra on your protection actually gives you greater value in the long run.

Glass protectors are much thicker and tougher than plastic screen protectors. Plastic protectors get scratched very easily, unlike glass protectors. Plastic protectors can even peel and bubble, a problem you will never have with glass protectors. Glass protectors from Bodyguardz are specially designed to protect your device or phone against powerful impact. Plastic protectors are only about 0.1 mm while glass protectors are usually 0.3-0.5 mm.

Most smartphones and devices today come with some sort of screen that is resistant to scratching. Putting plastic over the screen changes the way the screen feels. Your fingers will not glide as smoothly over plastic. A tempered glass protector feels more like the actual screen and gives you that superior glass feel.

Tempered glass protectors from Bodyguardz come with advanced oleophobic technology. This means that a special coating on the screen reduces the appearance of unsightly fingerprints and smudges. The glass protectors are crystal clear and anti-glare. You will enjoy the clean sleek look of your phone or device.

Installing a plastic screen protector can be difficult and a major hassle. Generally, glass protectors are much easier to install. Simply clean the screen, and put the glass protector over it.

Investing in a quality glass protector is a wise decision. With a sturdy glass protector in place you can be confident that your phone has the best protection available.

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