The Tasks Behind Professional Website Design

The Tasks Behind Professional Website Design

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If you want to have a web presence—whether for a large company or even a small home business—it is often recommended to hire someone to help you.  Professional Creative-ly website building generally consists of two jobs:  the web designer and the web developer.



Someone who carries the professional title of web designer should have both creative and technical skill.  Indeed, both creative ability and technical acuity are necessary for effective web design.

At first, a web designer has to understand the function of a good website in order to design the most effective website for clients.  And no two clients are the same; a web designer must know which type of website—or websites—will best serve a client. They must also understand a host of other creative and technical components, including:

  • number of pages
  • page layout
  • font and typography
  • color and scheme
  • thematic elements
  • graphics, tables, menus, charts, and other media
  • outbound links

Secondly, though, a web designer must also understand how these more aesthetic and functional elements will convert a visitor to a customer.  In theory, the more engaging a website is the more likely it is a visitor will become a customer.

Finally, a web designer must understand how to program/code these elements into the language of the internet, basically HTML.  While a web designer can partner with or hire someone to manage the graphics department, they often also have a firm grasp of this as well.


On the other side of things, the web developer is mostly responsible for the building of the website from scratch, using the brick and mortar of the worldwide web: code. Developers take the design elements and begin building the site similar to the way a mason takes the design of an architect and lays the foundation of a house before erecting the special walls and customized rooms. Web developers, similarly, start out by building a basic web site foundation and then adding more and more complex layers of code until the website appears online as the client ordered.

Web developers are also often responsible for maintaining the website.  As with anything must be built from scratch—and relies on the sensitive, growing entity that is the internet—a website requires regular maintenance.  Hopefully, you never have a problem, but if—and when—you do, you will be happy to have a web developer available to remedy the issue quickly.

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