Steps a Web Designer Should Take In the Design Process

Steps a Web Designer Should Take In the Design Process

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Having a website will help your business grow and take advantage of the powerful internet platform. It is not only cost effective but also reliable in increasing your business revenue. However, a good website is as good as its designer. The steps below will be ideal for a designer to adhere to when undertaking a project:

Understand the objective of the client


Your client’s objectives should be your key area of focus when designing. Customer satisfaction should be of highest priority to any web designer in Brisbane. Ask a list of objectives the client wants you to design the website around and pick it from there. During the course of the design process, you can keep communicating with the client to make sure you are on the right path.

Know the business

You can get this from the client. You have to know what the business is about. You have to know it in depth before you can proceed to design a website. Understand the history of the business and research sites of its major competitors. For the industry, you have to know the trends and use them to develop ideas for your upcoming project.

Search for reference materials

You have to stay current to what is trending. As a designer, you cannot afford to conclude to what you only know. Look for reference materials as the field of design is ever dynamic. Pick a few portfolios of past projects and see how they can be integrated into the new project. You can add some ideas and tricks that you find in your references to make the project unique.

Sketch the design layout

It is good to know the path to follow before you actually start the journey. Sketch a layout of how you want the design to look like. Include all the features and objectives for each stage. Making a sketch should be in every designer’s mind as you can measure your progress all the way to the end. Apart from that, include the timeline for each stage and the staff it will need to complete each of the stages. A reputable web designer in Brisbane will have that in check to make their work easier.

Testing process

You have to test the design and see how it works in real life. It is carried out as a prototype in a controlled environment before you put it out in the open for the client to see.  This stage comes with making sure that you are on the right track. In each step of the process, you can test if the features you have put in place work as they should. If not, correct the issues and test it again. Do this for each stage to prevent a backlog of issues you have to sort out once you are done.

Presentation of the design

After you have done all of the above, you can now make a presentation to your client. As a web designer in Brisbane, you have to keep your presentation straight to the point while keeping in mind the objectives of the client. During the process, you can feedback from the client. If the feedback is not satisfactory, you have to go back and repeat until you get it right. Remember it is all about the client’s needs.

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