How to Start SEO for Your Company’s Website

How to Start SEO for Your Company’s Website

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the marketing program that 16 years ago could be done by onemarketing person in almost any internet company. Now, a large company needs to have a whole SEO department and smaller companies need to hire a firm to get their websites optimized correctly. A good place to start if you are in the Montreal area is SEO Montreal.


Exactly what “search engine optimization” process is; it is the way to get traffic from:

  • Organic
  • Free
  • Natural
  • Editorial

Search results on search engines.

What does that mean?

All major search engines such a Yahoo, Bing and the largest one Google have search results on web pages plus other content like local listings and videos. This is ranked by what search engines consider most important to their users.2


If you own an online book store, you want your book store to be number1 or on the number 1 page when a customer is searching for a book store. If your website has a good ranking on search engines, customers will most likely find and go to your website. That doesn’t happen much if you are on page 10 or if you are number 100 in search results.

More on SEO

You don’t have to know very much about SEO because the internet has grown so big there are companies that only do SEO work for other companies that have websites. It is a large and continuing job and is just too big for a company to try to do by themselves. You do need to have a marketing person that is the contact between your company and the SEO Company.

Now what?

First your job is finding the best SEO Company and they will get your website optimized so that you get good search engine ranking. Finding the best company involves:

  • Some knowledge of SEO
  • Results on all 3 major search engines for SEO companies
  • Result on social media for SEO companies

With this as a beginning for your search, you need to research:

  • Client portfolio
  • Information to contact some of their clients
  • How is their customer service
  • What their prices or fees are
  • Exactly what they offer in services

This will give you a really good start on finding the best SEO Company that you can afford. You also might want to add Montreal SEO if you are in the Montreal area.

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