Stand out Tutorial – While using Search Function in MS Stand out

Stand out Tutorial – While using Search Function in MS Stand out

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While Stand out holds considerable amounts of information, sometimes this can produce a problem. Finding data inside your spreadsheet may cause frustration particularly in large excel spreadsheets.

This short article describes ways to use the search function in Stand out to extract the information you’ll need. Observe that in Stand out looking function is known as “Find”.

How To Locate Looking Tool

The simplest method to launch looking function would be to press a mix of the “control” and “F” key, also known as “control-F”. There are also it underneath the edit menu if recalling short-cuts isn’t your forte.

When the search screen pops up, you will find numerous options to select from:

search function

Complete or partial match

Search by rows, cell, worksheet or entire workbook

Match situation

Match format

Looking answers are displayed inside the search engine and therefore are hyperlinked towards the appropriate cells, or locations. Hitting the hyperlink goes straight to the cell address.

Stand out takes note of the prior search values and provides you a choice of scrolling with the listing of search engine results using the “next” feature.

Some good examples in which you would use looking function include:

Searching for clients with similar title

Determining records with similar date

Trying to find cell values in bold format

search function hardware

While using partial match feature to locate values with incorrect spelling

Stretching Looking Tool With Replace

In addition to locating specific records inside a spreadsheet, you may have the necessity to switch the values with another value.

For instance, you may have recognized that the customer title like “ABC LTD” sometimes uses “Limited” as well as for consistency you’ll need all records to make use of the abbreviated “LTD”.

The “replace” function in Stand out belongs to looking function and features its own tab, or pressing “control-H” will give you right to replace mode.

Using the replace tab open, simply enter in the value, and also the alternative figures, within this situation “Limited” and “LTD”. Exactly the same options apply for looking tool, where one can limit the substitutes one worksheet or replace over the whole workbook.

You may also pause on every word found to make sure you need to make the alternative.

One disadvantage would be that the search and replace function can not be by hand enhanced with VBA coding or perhaps a macro so if you want to personalize any search needs you should utilize direct VBA methods.

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