Social Media Marketing Tools to Use for Businesses

Social Media Marketing Tools to Use for Businesses

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People who run a small business do not always have the luxury of time to attend to all of its entailed to-dos. In terms of marketing, survey shows that 8 out of 10 small and medium sized companies use social media marketing into their growth strategy. 80% has experienced a rise in website traffic for their business while 72% attests that social media helps them gain loyal customers. However, while social media is proven to be truly advantageous in terms of increasing sales and acquiring more customers, it still takes quite a lot of effort, much more time, to attain its most potential. You would practically need to know how to effectively use the best social media marketing tools to keep on track. Not only do these tools optimize your social media efforts, these will also save you time and help you get better results in terms of traffic, engagement, and conversions.

Currently, there are already over a hundred of introduced social media tools in the market which are supposedly there to make the lives of social media marketers easier. Among them, below are the most commonly used tools of small enterprises:

  1. Google Analytics – This tool is usually installed in websites or blogs for business owners who would like to know if they are gaining viewers of their products. Google Analytics was founded back in November 2005 and has remained to be a free tool up until today. Its main purpose is to provide statistical figures showing how many hits and how many visitors a website has. It also shows where these visitors usually come from and how long they are hanging out on the website. All of these are being extracted for a businessman to know if his social media presence is actually making that difference. Regardless of the type of business you have, I must say Google Analytics is truly a must.
  1. Buffer – Buffer is a tool that will enable you to make your post or sharing experience really easier and quicker. Its main focus is scheduling your posts and shares. What makes this useful is that it allows you to post on Twitter or Facebook whenever your followers or fans are more likely to be online. Buffer is applicable for quite a lot of social media networks; Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. sans Google +, sadly. Additionally, whenever you decide to post through Buffer, you will be entitled to choose which network you want to post it to and it gets added to each network’s queue.
  1. Feedly – It is essential not to have self-centred posts as much as possible whenever you conduct your social media marketing campaign. Your posts should not always say all about you. Otherwise, you are likely missing the point of social network where people share contents too. Human nature defines that give-and-take mantra. People will invest in you if they see you invest in others; in social media marketing, you share contents too. Consequently, you have to keep an eye on that content. That is where Feedly comes to the rescue.

Feedly is a feed reader app that takes the RSS feeds from all the websites and blogs you want to share your contents with, and lists them for you so you can easily read and monitor them. The Feedly app can also be used in mobiles. That is a good thing, right?

  1. ly – Bitly is famous for users who want to share their links but the networks they want to share their links into are character-restricting posts like Twitter. It is known to make a particular URL much shortened. Using a full URL takes a huge space which can just turn into waste, thus as a URL shortener. Additionally, this tool also offers fantastic analytics wherein you will know how many times the shortened link has been clicked and from what network they were clicked.
  1. Do Share – This tool enables users to share to Google+ which is considered the second biggest social network there is today; next to Facebook.

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