Simple Tips to Help Boost Your WordPress Website Security

Simple Tips to Help Boost Your WordPress Website Security

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In web development, most developers are carried away by the process of crafting a perfect design and creating remarkable content. Some assume that the CMS and their hosting service provider will take care of all the security issues. You cannot be more wrong. Studies show that approximately 70% of WordPress websites have vulnerabilities that hackers exploit. Without taking the necessary steps to increase your website’s security, your website might be the next focus of attack by hackers. The good news is that there are a number of things you can do to boost the security of your website.

Backup your website regularly

Most of the tips you find online will show you how to prevent an attack. However, not many will show you how to recover fast after an attack. The ultimate solution to boosting your website security is to prepare for the worst. In this case, you need to back up your site regularly. This is important considering no website is ever 100% secure. Should the worst happen, your backups will help you to restore your website without investing too much time and money. Backup your website externally so that the backup copy will not be affected in case of an attack.Image result for Simple Tips to Help Boost Your WordPress Website Security

Update everything on your WordPress website

The best thing about updates is that they patch up known security risks. Start by updating the WordPress core. You should then update all your plugins and widgets. Ensuring that your website is running on the latest version of WordPress is key in avoiding security breaches. The best thing about WordPress today is that if you have been using version 3.7, you don’t have to worry about maintenance and security updates since that is done automatically. However, this is not the case for your plugins and other tools. You have to make sure that the tools you install are well supported and that they have the latest update.

Hide the version of your WordPress

Before they attack, hackers mostly take a look at the version of the CMS you are using. This will help them know if that version has security vulnerabilities. If it does, they will exploit the vulnerabilities directly. If yours is a finance website, for example, people looking at the version of your CMS is not something you would want. The good news is that with WordPress, you can hide the version of your CMS by adding a code into the functions.php. The code you should add to hide the WordPress version is

Function remove_version () {

Return ‘ ‘ ;


add_filter (‘the_generator’, ‘remove_version’);

Use secure username and password

Your login passwords need to alphanumeric, random, at least 12 characters long and unique. To make it harder for hackers to log in, you should also use a unique username. Don’t use the admin as the username. If you do, hackers will only be left with cracking your password since they already have the username.

A lot more can be done to secure a website. Always make sure that you keep up with the trends. Know what other webmasters are doing and implement the best strategies.

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