Setup Belkin Router for Smart DNS

Setup Belkin Router for Smart DNS

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For setting welkin router setup you need to insert only one time Smart DNS Proxy setting. Once you have finished with the setup on your router then these steps are not to be repeated again. It will always be there whenever you want to use and it automatically connects to the internet.

Routers come in different models which have their own particular interface. When purchasing a new Belkin routers check if they are having latest available firmware. For the new welkin router setup perform these simple steps.

  1. Visit on any of your favorite Internet Web Browser. In case you are having trouble in visiting the page of Belkin Router Admin Panel then try or It is necessary to have access to this page.
  2. After the page is opened then simply login by entering your Belkin Router Admin credentials. If you don’t know your username or password then check the instructions manual there you will find it.
  3. Go to internet WAN section look for DNS and select it.
  4. You will see a popup message for entering a password. Enter Belkin Router password if you are having any and if no password is set before then leave it blank and click submit.
  5. Make an Automatic uncheck from the ISP and enter the required Smart DNS Proxy IP’s. Choose only that server which is closest to the area where you are located.

Here is the list of IP’s Sydney Australia, Melbourne Australia Brazil Montreal Canada Toronto Canada Germany India Ireland Israel Italy Japan Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Singapore South Africa 1 South Africa 2 Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey US East N. Virginia US Center Dallas US West Los Angeles

  1. The last step is to click the Apply changes Button

After all the new changes had been made then restart the router. Restarting allows the router to accept the necessary changes made and you will be ready to use the internet.

Points to remember

When the IP address is changed from the Router/PC then services are blocked from Belkin. The reason for this is that the Belkin network database is not having any information about the new IP address from your new system. It is your work to update the new IP address into the database of Belkin’s Network. If the setup is for the first time then login using PC so that the network can easily obtain your IP address.

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